John Chick

TSN's Hashmarks says that he needed surgury to repair his finger, and he's been placed on the 9-game list ... again. Effectively ending his season unless they use their 2nd half 9-game exemption on him as well.


Well theysaid he was gonna need surgery before so this isnt all that suprising. It is very unfortunate for us though.

Have we got some rule against playing in a cast that I don't know about?

Unless something has recently changed you could play with a cast on but it has to be wrapped in like 2in foam of something like that. Could have changed though, its been a while since I have seen a casted arm on the field.

Assuming playing with a cast is not illegal, why wouldn't he?

I don't think the rule has changed for casts....but it is harder for the majority of defensive linemen as they need to use there hands to grab jerseys....where as offensive linemen don't or at least shouldn't.

Given the picture of his hand wrapped...he would only have 1 finger and his thumb would make it hard to play.

9 game was likely just a precaution. He'll probably be pulled off of it again. He can't cast it because that risks infection.