John Chick Waived By Colts

8) TSN has reported that the Colts have waived former Roughrider DE John Chick.
  Chick won the Most Outstanding Def. player of the year award in 09, while with Regina.

   Apparently he has been offered a practice roster spot with Indy, but has not made up his mind yet.
    If he decides to return to the CFL he would be a free agent, able to sign with any team.

    While with Regina, Chick's other DE partner was of course Stevie Baggs !!

     If Chick decides to return to Canada,  I would think that Hamilton would be very interested in offering him a contract,
      and re uniting him with Baggs once again !!  

      The Cats should have that extra money available now, for a big signing like Chick.    <!-- s:thup: -->:thup:<!-- s:thup: -->

I'm game, bring him to the Hammer and trade Hickman for a reliable DB :thup:

Oh, baby, this would be good.

IIRC they didn’t get along too well together - ego problems or something - so I don’t know if SB would be extremely happy for us to sign him.

IIRC the ego was Baggs' who went public with being upset when teammate Chick was named, over him, as the SSK nominee for CFL Defensive Player of the Year in '09. Chick went on to win the award.

Could the release of Jenkins signal an even bigger move on the horizon, maybe the signing of John Chick? I have a feeling he will be a Ticat if he doesn't accept a practice roster spot with the Colts.

Call me crazy, but I would get rid of Baggs before I would get rid of Hickman.

Can Chick play defensive tackle? If so, i'd rather put him there and keep both Baggs and Hickman. Albert Smith played well the first few games but it seems like his performance has dropped off a little bit.

Okay, you're crazy


Stevie is a playmaker through and through, not just sacks but INT's and fumble returns.Not only that but he's one of the teams main leaders, on and off the field.Hickman would bring us a great player via trade so a signing like this would mean good things for the Cats in more ways than one.

Marcel could do what he did last year and rotate between the three in different coverages. Last year McIntyre rotated between the three. Maybe they could move Hickman inside and put Baggs and Chick on the outside.

That too, McIntyre was a beast DT and beast DE.

Eric Tillman brings Chick to EE would be a huge signing and the salary cap is in range too I say.

Is anyone following John Chick (the real one) on twitter?

According to Naylor, John Chick has signed onto Jacksonville’s Practice roster