John Chick traded to ESKS

If this means the club is now looking at the resumption of practising, after this bye, as being the start of training camp for 2018, I congratulate them on the plan. 11 “pre-season games” ahead – a great opportunity to do K.A.'s favourite thing – evaluate – and do so with contact and tackling actually included.

First of all, It could have been the Esks GM Brock Sutherland that initiated these trade talks, knowing Hamilton’s position and the state of injury to the Esks DLine, it is a strong possibility.
Austin, Tillman and Chick go back to 2007 in SSK, I am sure they talked to Chick before this trade went down and got some input from him.

Ottawa Cat, If Kent Austin's favourite thing is to evaluate new players or just players in general, the team is doomed. Kent Austin is the reason why this team is in the present state. Absolutely little if no talent compared to the other teams. And guess who that's on.....wait for it, Kent who doesn't know football as much as he "thinks" he does.

Banks and Collaros should start salting every penny. Tillman trying to get ahead of things before the spotlight hits him in the face.

And the Great Fire Sale of 2017 begins . I'm not really surprised by this deal and although I'll miss seeing Chick in black "n" gold , I'm extremely happy for the guy that at age 34 he'll now have a legitimate shot at another Grey Cup ring before he retires . The deal kinda reminds me of when we traded away Montford in the mid two thousands , 2005 or 2006 I believe when we were going nowhere fast and the season was lost . Much like this season now is . Montford went on to win a final Grey Cup ring with the Esks that year to go along with his Grey Cup ring from "99". If he would've stayed here in Hamilton he wouldn't have even been on a play-off team , let alone a Grey Cup contender .

Believe me as well trading a player the calibre of Chick who by all accounts was apparently well liked and respected by his Ti-Cat teammates will send a direct notice to everyone else on this team . The message is a rather simple one......If we can get rid of a player like Chick then we can get rid of anybody on this team . Not one of ya's is safe and you have all been put on notice , stay close to your phones on this bye week because you might be next to be shipped on out of here .

Here's a hunch , but any one want to make a bet that the next guy to get a call on his bye week is Sleepy "B" ? Like I said earlier the Fire Sale has begun here in the Hammer.......Let the rebuild begin as I suspect that Chick will be the first of many moves and transactions on this roster going forth the rest of this season .

Edmonton is winning this trade, although it's not absurdly lop-sided (like SJ Green or Ricky Ray). Canadian talent on the line is the backbone of a good CFL team and Chick has been an excellent player throughout his tenure. He's an established veteran, going to a team that is in the Grey Cup running but needs to shore it's line up do to injuries. The Esks are in the position of weakness here, not us as our season is done and a rebuild is likely coming down the pipe.

I'll make this clear, it's not a bad thing to trade Chick, he's getting older, he'll still competitive now and for at least 1-4 more years. If you are looking at rebuilding that is the kind of player you generally want to deal. I just don't think we got nearly enough for him and a 5th round pick thrown in is further insult to injury.

Unlike other sports, the CFL Draft simply isn't worth as much as letsgoticats pointed out. The reason is the top end of the draft tends to flirt with the NFL, making their tenure less stable, and the pool while smaller, doesn't have a good long-time production rate. Most guys who get drafted don't stick around with the same team and most don't pan out, or they get tossed into trades. The CIS system while improving doesn't iron out all the player wrinkles and they don't have anywhere near as many player desperate to get into it like the NCAA and can't recruit via scholarship like the NCAA. It's also far easier to acquire young talent from NFL cuts, making signing and keeping long-term Canadians during free agency far more vital in our game.

I'd much rather had seen them go for a young, national O.Lineman with some reps or a promising national receiver. Then straight picks, and certainly if you wanted picks, a 2nd and a 4th is what we should have got for Chick and a 5th. If just Chick, we should have got a 2nd and a 6th or 7th. Edmonton can easily push for a Grey Cup this year if they can overcome their recent injury issues, and Chick will let them do that.

I view this as just another failure of our personnel department that seemed to vanish somewhere during mid 2015. The real cause for our woes and Milt identified this 3rd game in the season.

Just to clarify my reaction to the trade. I'm not really upset with the trading of Chick as I feel the season is over and done with.
What I worry about is do we really want Austin and Tillman being the ones to conduct a sort of fire sale that may or may not be starting here. Those 2 are the reason that we are in the mess that we are in right now!
We are 1-14 in the past 15 games. That's scary bad!

You're talking like they're getting fired.... if bob and Scott have already decided that they're staying then they have to be the ones to rebuild.

Schmenger: My comment was aimed in the same direction as yours. "Evaluate" is the word, and plan, that pops out of K.A.'s mouth every time he faces the media in a negative situation. I don't know when he first used it, but I do know it was the key theme of his statements when last season came to an end and he's repeated it, at least, a few more times this season. Last November, his evaluation was to "begin with himself and his own job performance" and that was re-stated, by him, as recently as post-game Friday night. I think the problem with this organization is too much faith having been put into too few individuals, who have been given too much compensation, too much responsibility, in some cases misleading titles, and contracts extended over too long a period. I think the owner has done that with his CEO, who in turn has done that with Kent Austin, who in turn has carried that practice on with Collaros, Tillman, Gable, Banks and others. All I'm pleased with today is that they all may have turned their attention now to 2018 in realization that any hopes of success in 2017 have passed them by.

Yes I agree but if the season continues on like it is how can they not be fired and can they not be fired? If all they do is shuffle the chairs on the Titanic like replace assistants who will pay to watch that next year? Just thoughts and questions

I guess the question is will the approach change?
Will Bob agree to pay any luxury tax imaginable to win a Grey Cup?
Will Kent look in the mirror and hire some assistants with some experience?
Will Kent move upstairs and have the humility to call Tommy Condell?
One thing is for sure. Something will change. It just may not be Austin.

I must have missed the part where Chick "Bounced Around the CFL " Where was I.

As much as the Cats are criticized for lack of ability to find new talent, the problem this year has been mostly with the veterans, not the new guys.

Failing grades go to:


Even Tasker for most of the season…

The new guys – Saunders, Leonard, Castillo, Coleman…and Hill…have been bright spots.

So sad. Loved Chicks. Hate to see him go but if it works for him, good luck John. Thatz all we need now is another DE gunning for Collaros. Oh well!

-Chick - traded
-Collaros - not much chance behind this O-line
-Banks - poor blocking schemes on returns, but not a great receiver
-Lawrence - playing essentially on one leg
-Tracy - hard to play well when being benched due to ratio issues
-Gable - crappy O-line = few holes to run through, receiving needs work
-Dean - he's in on almost every tackle
-Filer - part of a bad O-line, but he's a good centre
-Tasker - double-teamed every play, hard to make receptions when the QB can't make a pass behind a bad O-line...

I count 9 excuses there.

I'd add Stephen to the list of failing well as the coach...

I think Kent Austin is fixated about how football should be played.
Like - never replace a starting QB, unless he is injured, no matter how bad he plays, or
how many games he has lost.

  • no matter that your are 0-8, stick with the plan, and don't have a running game.
  • trade for players that have matching names. For example, we currently have Jr. Collins at
    wideout, and trade for someone called Collins Jr. at wideout.

Is it just me that thinks like this???
The Eagle 8) 8) 8)

I can't watch this train wreck anymore ..they always get rid of the wrong guys...Chick will be a beast in edmonton with Willis on the other side yikes lucky we have played them twice already .

whoever made the decision to trade Chick who is a hard working experience strong rush end that is very hard to find in the cfl for the ticats ..and now we are left with no solid rush end again
this guy was fan favorite and a personal favorite ..i feel terrible ....i hope they don;t get rid of simoni next.......thye should have got a young national olineman or receiver in return plus a 2knd rounder...

Whoever made this decision needs to be the next one to go they get rid of the wrong players
like chick and will hill.

Now that they did this they better get rid of Collaros, Gable , Laurent and Banks who are all overpayed and underachieving .

This is a terrible day to be a ticat fan when they give a star and workhouse and fan favorite away for 2knd round pick.

They are obviously dumping salary to either stay below the cap, or get some cap room to bring in other players in spots where we have a greater need.

I do not like to see Chick go, but what we lose with this trade is only the difference between Chick and Tracy, which is not much.

Expect to see more of these trades before labour day.

He was a non factor this year, almost invisible in many games.
Best before date has unfortunately passed him.