John Chick traded to ESKS

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2m2 minutes ago
#Ticats have acquired a 2nd rd. pick in '18 from @EdmontonEsks for DE @johnchick97 & a 5th rd. pick in '18.

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2m2 minutes ago
Former #Ticats DE John Chick has 16 tackles, two sacks this season. He's been solid but not his usual dominant self. #Esks #CFL

Drew Edwards?Verified account
4m4 minutes ago
#Ticats are 0-8 w/ Chick in the line up & playing a Canadian at DE much of the time these days. So the move make sense from that perspective

The team blow up has started


Before people start screaming that we could have got more for him.... this is what a rebuild looks like. You aren't getting a 1st rounder or a starting player from better teams.

John Chick has been almost invisible on the D this season and he's expensive so the Tiger-Cats can't demand much in return.

Now we watch and see how he performs as a member of a contending, well-coached team with some talent around him.

I guess It's official The Cats are throwing in the towel.
Sad. What's been done to this team.

Cash dump before Labour Day. I believe there is something guaranteed if the player is on the rooster after the ninth game me. Correct me if I am wrong. Banks is next up!

Chick played very well for us last year, but has been largely invisible this year. In fact, I noticed that Tracy played most snaps in Chick's place in our last game, even though Chick wasn't hurt.

This is a smart move because this year is toast, and we get a high draft pick next year, and free up room under the salary cap. Plus, we can start auditioning new, younger, cheaperDefensive Ends who can now compete with Tracy for Chick's spot (i.e. upcoming NFL cuts).

Tillman did a great job getting such a high draft pick in this trade, given that Chick was being paid big bucks by Hamilton.

Chick now has a legit shot at the Grey Cup, so I'm sure he isn't too disappointed at being moved.

I expect that Tillman is far from done in the trade department. Over the bye week, I would be shocked if Banks, Gable and Xavier Fulton weren't also dealt to Grey Cup contending teams for high draft picks. These are players on the way out in Hamilton who would be good rentals for clubs gearing up for a run at a Championship.

Chick is signed thru the 2018 season, which at the end of that season he will be 36 years old.
His contract is for $160K not including bonuses.
Getting a 2nd rounder for Chick is a very fair return IMHO.
Drew Edwards?Verified account
Hearing that the #Ticats two-year deal with Chick is in $160K per season range.
8:22 AM - 28 Jan 2016

Morley Scott?
19m19 minutes ago
#Esks QB Mike Reilly will be happy. Told me earlier this year that of the 5 hardest hits he has ever taken - John Chick had 3 of them. #CFL

Yes, if a player is on the rooster after the ninth game, it's guaranteed that you have one sick, sick puppy on your hands. :slight_smile:

I can't recall but was it Tillman that pulled off the greatest player heist in history... QB R Ray from the Eskies to the Argos for a bag of peanuts?

If so, just saying re player movements and deals... ???

That is going to be tough for some fans to swallow, especially Banks if he were to go. I am curious what the plans will be for some of the more prominent roles. I know at the game many in my section were calling for Masoli, I know there is frustration with Collaros and oddly it seemed as if Masoli was given more time by the O-Line than they gave Collaros.

It's not throwing in the towel it's getting rid of the underperforming players.
It's exactly what the fans wanted, and what is needed, a rebuild.
Chick has bounced around the CFL since his best years with the Riders.
More veterans will be given the axe in the next couple of weeks to make way for NFL cuts

You might be correct about 2018, but the Edwards tweet implies Chick's contract only goes to end of 2017.

Posters to this forum will be terribly conflicted about this trade. On the one hand, Chick was a starter for the Tiger-Cats, so they hated him.

On the other hand, it will take only a week or two for him to start making it onto those nostalgic lists of former Ticats who now play for other teams but somehow "weren't good enough" to stay with our team.

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10m10 minutes ago

So many friends & incredible memories made in #Hamilton. Lots of love to the fans & #Ticats for being so kind to me & family. Thank you!

Correcting myself, based on Edward' latest story on Chick (which I would put in "quotes" if I still knew how under this new format):

The Ticats signed Chick to contract extension through the 2018 CFL season in May.

As a CFL veteran of 6 or more years, Chick would have to be paid for the full season if he was releasedanytime after the first 9 games. In this case, being traded to EDM, they just pick up his contract, as it exists. It was extended, by the Cats, back in May, to include the 2018 season.

Your gone slacker ?!$ interesting move a shakeup is starting , rebuilding starting now is better then waiting till the off season , bet sorry to say speedy is next

Yes it was Tillman who got fleeced by Jim Barker. At the time, Barker said he was getting a future Hall of Fame quarterback whose best years were still ahead of him and Barker was absolutely correct.

Still setting passing records, Ray threw for four touchdowns and 377 yards against a supposedly very good Montreal defense yesterday.

If Tillman lives to be 100, he will never live down that ridiculously one-sided trade that brought a Grey Cup to the Argos in the first year and ultimately got Tillman fired in Edmonton.

I know Canadian depth is important, and good teams always build that depth through the draft. But damn, it's hard to get excited about this. Just took a look back at our second round picks in the Austin/Tillman regime.

2017- Braden Schram - Too early, hasn't played yet.
2016- Mercer Timmis - Depth running back/special teams. Still early, but hasn't done much.
2015- Jay Langa - Special teams player.
2014- Evan Gill - Constantly injured.
2013- Brent Urban - Went to the NFL, will never play here.

None of those guys have had much of an impact on the team. In fact, if you take a look at the first round picks, it's not much different.

2017- Connor McGough - Has actually played, looks good so far.
2016- Brandon Revenberg - Solid pick.
2015- Byron Archambault - Retired after playing 10 games due to injury.
2014 -Beau Landry- Special teams while he was here, left to Calgary in free agency.
2013- Lindon Gaydosh- Appeared in a handful of games, never made much of an impact. Several injuries, recently signed by Toronto.

I guess the question is, are we just terrible at drafting? And if we are, should we continue letting VP Austin be in control of the draft going forward?

From a fan perspective, hard to get excited for trades like this when you see that the return is what's shown above.