John Chick 2yrs+Opt

I am happy we got Chick signed up for three years. He was awesome last year, but the opposing o-line was busy with Perry...I think Chick is going to have a huge year. Is Barron Pullum any good?

AWESOME signing by the guru ET

Great to see Chick under contract for a while. Let’s just hope he can avoid the sophmore jinx. As for Pullum I haven’t heard much about him. Does anyone know what’s happening with Kyle Mitchell? When given the opportunity he did a really good job. I know he’s a free agent but I’m wondering if he is no longer in the Riders plans or just looking elsewhere.

I am happy with this signing, but I dont think he will be doing as well without Perry on the other side of him.

:lol: Always the pessimist... we will be fine.

haha I really like John Chick, but I dont expect to see crazy good stats like we saw last year.

I will remember that quote and hold you to it.

Crazy good stats?
From John Chick?
Last year?
His stats were okay for a rookie, but crazy good?
If his numbers aren't doubled up this year, it will be a dissappointment....
He was a monster in the play-offs, and definately showed a nice learning curve, but he was a relatively ordinary rookie overall.

Sounds good!

hmmm i think he was a little more talented. TBH other than Cam Wake Chick was probably one of the more upper end rookies, considering his playing time.

All good points. I haven't made up my mind on Chick yet. I hope he comes to camp mad!


I'll begin this way. I am a huge John Chick fan. The guy has a very nice upside and if he continues to develop at the pace he did last year, he can be a star in this league. Having said that, I'll stand by my earlier comments that his rookie campaign was not exactly meteoric. His numbers aren't all that good, even in only 13 games. I believe he was benched at one point--though he may have been dinged up--and had his replacement, Kyle Mitchell not then been injured himself, we may well have never heard from Mr. Chick again last year. But he did show flashes all year, looking good even in training camp, and as I said, he was a terror in the play-offs.

But I don't believe he would have been rookie of the year for the Riders in 2006--against guys like Congi, Johnson and Clovis--all of whom, I think had better rookie years. And in comparing him to the 2007 crop league wide, I might rank him as low as 6th out of 8. With it being close among the bottom 4. The top 4 were light years ahead of Chick--Wake, Hall, Setta and Drew. Yes, the Riders made him a unanimous selection. As he was THE rookie starter, what else was going to happen?

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