John Candy: true double blue

Im as tired as everyone with benji complaining about the Toronto media and the Argos struggles. So if anyone else caught this tv show on just before the V-cup, it brought back some good, bad, and ugly memories. the good was all the work Candy did promoting the Argos and the CFL. A few more guys like that the league coulda became something big. the bad... That's easy. The Argos defeating the stamps on the shoulders of a missed call (illigal block) on the rocket return. The ugly is how Bruce M. Handled the Argos. one interesting comment about money from the Argos going to the kings.

Candy was a treasure Canada and the world. if you missed it, look for it online. It ended up being over shadowed by an amazing univeristy game.

It was AWESOME, and for those that missed it, on again Tonight at 8 PM EST on TSN (Saturday night)

It was great. One has to wonder if they could have sustained that level of interest and passion where the CFL would be today. Instead, the positives quickly died down and the league almost folded...

...thanks for mentioning this was on guys, i thoroughly enjoyed it, brought back some good and sad memories

yes, thanks for mentioning this show. just watched it and it was great.

I forgot his death was so close in time to the sale.

Gonna watch Trains , Planes and Automobiles tonight in honor.


["Those aren't PILLOWS!!!!!"]

An awesome one of a kind individual who touched everyone he met.

He is still universally loved.

I'll never, ever forget his takeoff on Luciano Pavarotti.

Much of the interest generated in that period was the results of much higher player salaries and a glitzy Hollywood atmosphere. The passion was not for the team but for the artificial facade McNall was creating. At the time McNall purchased the Argos, he was already in financial trouble and well on his way to default on 90 millions of debts.

They failed to instill in the fans an interest in the team so once the glitz died so did the interest.

I agree Lebird.
However the piece certainly told us a lot about Candy’s passion for the team. Just too bad he never had a longer run at that and life too.

valid points.
However, in a large Metropolitan cities like Toronto (and possibly Montreal), there likely needs to be a balance of Glitz/Hollywood type marketing, adjacent with fan and community interest in the game itself.

Smaller CFL markets generally don't respond to such glamour marketing although larger urbanite regions seem to embrace it.

The NFL predicates itself on Hollywood Hype and it works very well, as football is easily the #1 American sport.

Attendance is down in the NFL for the 4th straight year someone was saying. And the NFL is still playing in some stadiums like in San Diego and SF that are baseball first stadiums. Baseball was king for so long and football just tagged into those stadiums until the NFL started to gain some momentum when Pete Rozell took over and started really talking to the television people. But college football has always been popular, way before the NFL ever was or even existed for that matter.

Agree football is no. 1 in the US but I think it's more a reflection of the college game than the NFL is. If if weren't for the popularity of the college game, no way would the NFL be as popular and have large franchise values.

Anyways I have taped the John Candy special and am looking forward to watching it.


The doc was about Candy, his love of the Argos and his ownership. Not Bruce McNall, not Calgary losing a Grey Cup. Take it for what it was, about a Canadian celebrity who loved Canadian football and tried to promote the game.

Toronto’s opportunity to celebrate John for the 100th.

Brings tears to the eyes.

Your a tool. the show brought back some memories of that time.

We lost JC too soon. I can't believe there isn't a complete john candy box set at all. If more canadians of his stature would support the CFL publicly, get involved in some capacity, even if its just a commercial for a ticket drive, that would be huge.