John Candy Man of the Year Award: Have a Hall of Fame Section for Fans


As a Bears Fan, I've been very humbled that the Walter Payton "Man of the Year" award was in honor of one of the greatest players to ever touch a football.

John Candy was such a great humble Canadian boy who was very passionate about football while being an infamous actor. Long before he even got into acting, he always said that one day he will own the Toronto Argonauts.

He was more than just an owner. He was a "Fans Owner" that cared a lot about his city, people, and his players. Tell me an owner who is on the sidelines with the team, and helps the medical staff cart off a injury player from an injury?

I'd like to see us have our own version, and call it the John Candy Man of the Year.

About 3 years ago, the Pro Football Hall of Fame introduced a new wing where longtime fans are now inducted. I'd like to see the Canadian Football Hall of Fame do the same. How cool would it be where there is a photo of yourself, along with a small Bio about yourself. Your enshrined with other longtime season ticket holders etc.

What do you think?

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...I like the idea of the award

I like it! Have you connected with the CFHOF? Currently the CFL's Greg Dick is the acting director there - check out Contact Us - Canadian Football Hall of Fame to get a hold of him or whomever is overseeing the CFHOF at the moment.

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I think that's a wonderful idea.

Hello sully,

I have not connected with the Hall of Fame. I came up with this idea last week. I was only going to post it when I had time off of work which is today.

Thanks for the contact. I will send it out to the Hall of Fame.

Fans will be selected my email request. Let say I'm nominating yourself. I'd write the following to the Hall of Fame:


I'm writing to you for consideration of induction into the Hall of Fame for (Name).

(Name) has been a long time fan for 25 years now. He or she organizes road trips for season ticket holders. He or she chugs the most beers (I'm just making a joke here). He or she is the most knowledgeable and passionate fans I know etc.

Great idea ILF .

Maybe Two strong areas ?

1 /Season ticket holder criteria - Not sure where the line is drawn 20 years - 25 year minimum .

2/ Influence on Canadian football in some area ( coaching , volunteering , 50-50 tickets , donations , etc )

Hello Jasmine,

Those are the main points in a nutshell. That's what I was implying.

I'm a little iffy of the coaching part. The reason being is that now you fall in the coach category.

The point is for a wing to be dedicated to fans. Long-time season ticket holder, community service (volunteer), organizer of whatever in your city / town etc.

For now, look at 25 years plus. Make it an honor to be there.

Furthermore, let the inducted fan also have an induction speech from the Hall of Fame Class. So basically, it was always player / coaches, and the builder's category (writers, owners etc.). Now you have the fans category.

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I like the idea of the award and I very much like John Candy, but he was not a player.

I would call it the Michael Clemons 'Man of the Year' award.


That's another name that could be the Man of The Year Award no doubt.

Awesome ILF .

I was thinking more youth football coaching ( unpaid ) being included with other volunteering duties so It doesn't cross over so much with the builders category .

25 year season ticket holder sounds like a good line that would need to be crossed off . They might also need to include U sports football ticket holder as well as the CFL . Nice to build up this area as well .

Hello Jasmine,

I agree now with youth football as a coach, I'll even put high school there also. USports season ticket holder also works. Maybe even a CJFL ticket holder also.

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I nominate myself for the first inductee in the Football Fan HOF


Your in. Part of your speech is to find your inner J - Roc. Knowwhatimsayin.