John Boyett db great signing by redblacks

John boycott is a rarity in pro football. Standing 5'10 tall weighing over 200 pounds and being of Caucasian descent doesn't usually land you in a pro secondary.

Boyett however is a reincarnation of Jason seahorn. This kid Boyett is a baller. He was a highly decorated safety at the university of Oregon and was on his way to being a nfl safety. His issues with Alcohol and injuries set him back.

Boyett will be the best free safety in the cfl if he is given a chance. He can and will also play halfback as he is very aggressive and just a natural footballer. Boycott has tremendous football instincts and plays big like a 6'3 guy and hits like a 240 pound linebacker.
If not for off field issues he would be a starting nfl safety.

Boyett is already on the active roster after being recently signed. My guess is that they saw the hunger in his eyes and the passion in his play.

This guy is a keeper and if he replaces Gavins today I predict he will intercept a pass or make a bone crushing hit forcing a turnover.

Excellent pickup by desjardins

good luck to Boyette, best of luck in your career and wishing you success in the cfl. Keep focussed and your play will take care of things on the field.

Best of luck John

Boyett ran a 4.6 second 40 yard dash which was good for a safety. Scouts remarked that his speed is not an issue because he is always in the right spot on defence. He is very quick and being so smart he puts himself in the right positions.

Chip Kelly was his coach at Oregon and called Boyette the quarterback of the defence. He has the strength of a linebacker and was proved by his 27 repetitions on bench press of 225 pounds. He has been called the Luke kuechly of safeties and compared to palamulu.

After Boyett makes contact with a receiver in a collision he doesn't lose ground. He is so strong that the receiver cannot get any extra yards from him. He is anchored low and has the body of an Olympic wrestler very powerful with burst.

Put this kid back there and watch the red lack secondary become the best in the cfl, receivers around the league will be talking about boyette soon

If boyette is matched up with nik Lewis it would be a treat to watch. Lewis who always gains yards after contact would be shocked when Boyette stops him on a dime and tackles him on the spot

This article seems to cover things pretty thoroughly...

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Who is John Boyett?

In the simplest terms, John Boyett is a football player. In fact, he's a really good one.

During the 2011 college football season, Boyett starred for the Oregon Ducks as a junior safety. He helped lead Oregon to a Rose Bowl win over Wisconsin and a No. 4 ranking in the final AP Top 25 poll. He made Sports Illustrated's 2012 Preseason All-America Team months later, but prior to earning that accolade, some speculated he'd forgo his senior season and declare for the NFL draft.

It could have been the start of a very promising career, but it is not that moment in time that has defined Boyett for most. He returned to school, and his star took a turn for the worse.

Boyett could also excel in the Sam linebacker spot. Think of Bear Woods. Boyett is a guy that can do what bear woods does and play safety and halfback. His hits are legendary as he punished receivers from usc who were intimidated.

I hope the red lacks start him tonight and watch him make plays. I don't think the cfl game will be an issue for Boyette to learn. He seems to just understand football.

Loving the red blacks organization. This is a smart organization. When pruneau got hurt they put boyette in at free safety. He nailed giguerre on the reverse and momentarily injured giguerre with one of his bowling style tackles which he has perfected.

Campbell had the confidence to put Boyette back there and he looked solid in his drops and his presence. He tackled giguerreon that reverse and he also was the first defender to hit Cato on the goal line when he ran in for the TD.

This team is getting really good on defence. Pass rush is ramping up and they are dominant at home. Linebackers are solid. Secondary is becoming one of leagues best.

Kanneh and McDonald with boyette. No other team in the cfl has as much flexibility with positions as the red lacks do on defence. They can play four different safeties.

This is excellent general manager work

I watched that play again after I got home. Boyett made everyone else look like they were standing still.

And yet he's nowhere to be found on the stats sheet. :expressionless: It isn't one of those things where two guys appeared almost simultaneously, either.

Thought I saw him go back to receive a kick off too. That was unexpected.

If this was your first game as a spectator in Ottawa, you'd never have known it was his fist as a player. He was active on the sideline too, clearly having a great time. Good for him. :thup:

About that: When the team was being built and its first training camp roster was being put together, I remember noticing that a lot of the guys that were being brought in had that little mark on their records. It wasn't usually anything major but you'd find that article or two about a "decent kid who just made a mistake and regrets it".

It worried me at the time, being that the team had to be image-conscious, but not a single one of those guys ever brought trouble to this club. It can't always be easy to take a leap of faith on someone you don't really know personally so nice job Desjardins in navigating those waters and credit to the players that have taken advantage of the opportunity. Hopefully Boyett is the next one.

Boyette will fit in nice with the city of Ottawa. Despite having some off field issues boyette has a very high character. Former coaches who are now in the nfl speak very highly of boyette and his unselfish attitude. Boyette is like a college kid. He loves football and watches more film than anyone. He has near perfect technique on tackles and his drops. He always has a nose for the ball as was evidenced by him tackling giguerre on the reverse. Receivers in college used to get nailed by boyette while he was at Oregon.
Boyette was a high school quarterback who switched to defence. He even pleaded with chip kelly to allow him to play quarterback at Oregon.

You always notice boyette on the field. He was very animated yesterday, one of the best team players around. Not surprising that Campbell showed faith in boyette.

I think boyette will love Ottawa. He is from California, the locals will embrace his laid back attitude.

Once he learns the cfl game you will see a guy intimidate with physical hits and amazing ball skills. Toughness is also one of boyette's strongest attribute. He played his junior season with 2 partially torn patellar tendons. He said he couldn't let the team down and said he has always played hurt and just toughs it out.
You will see more of boyette, he is too valuable and his energy is something that will ignite this defence which has excellent defensive backs.

I hope you caught today's game, Guru. :smiley:

Brief post-game interview with him:

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