John Bowman

I think John deserves his own thread.

Excellent heart warming story on John - 13 seasons with the same team:

One more year


Class act!

Hope he plays another season.

Thanks Sheldon, great article. Yeah, I say one more year also. Just as long as his brain is ok.

Key will be defining a role and signing a deal that reflects the role … with extra money if his use exceeds the role.

The thing is, do we trust Reed and Mack to find defensive ends who can adequately replace Bowman?

Johnny really hopes Bowman comes back next season.

First reaction is no, I don’t trust them.

But on the other hand, they did find us two pretty good DTs last season (Brown and Baron).

The only thing Joe Mack every had success at recruiting in Winnipeg or in Montreal are Defensive linesmen. So IF and that's a big IF he's going to bring players in, it will likely be at that position.

I do too … but asking/expecting him to be a “lead” DE is asking too much for him to be effective

Very true. But, Johnny is reminded of the fact, that even a broken clock is right twice a day…