John Bowman

Dominant player tonight causing pressure all game
Stats: 3 tackles 1 sack.

Not bad for an expired player :cowboy:

Made the ex-head coach look like an even bigger a$$hat with that performance. Good for you, John! :rockin:

A$$hat times a million. Sorta a different team out there yesterday. They really gotta work on there 2nd downs though.

This alone validate the decision to give Higgins his walking papers. Long walk of shame...

One amongst many:

ELLIS 6 tackles
HEBERT 5 tackles, 1 sack
COX 3 tackles
PARKER 3 tackles
ELSWORTH 3 tackles 2 sacks
VENABLE 3 tackles 1 sack

Ellis was in no way dominant. Tackles for a DB are very different from tackles for a DL in terms of assessing performance. A DL with tackles is doing his job and stopping plays at the line of scrimmage. A DB with tackles isn't stopping his receiver from making the catch.

True if he is tackling his man, not so much if he is tackling RBs or other receivers. With the number of catches allowed to wide open receivers I often couldn't tell who was whose man.

Every time I saw him, he was getting burned by a Cats receiver, usually in chase mode. That Sinkfield first down on the last Cats drive, before Hebert saved us with a pick -- Ellis was beaten cleanly in man coverage. I know he's young and playing a very difficult position, but I honestly wouldn't mind seeing what Terry Johnson or Cliff Coleman could do at DHB, at least for a game or two.

Sharper eye for detail than I my friend.

Always good to find a way to get youngsters into live action, practice can only show so much. In theory, being a couple of years younger, they may both have more upside room that Ellis.

D has a great eye for defensive backs. Best on the entire forum.

Thanks, guys! :slight_smile:

Go Bowman! Yup, made Higgins look like a bigger a$$hat, butt plug, etc. Good riddance to baby Wettenhall's first executive decision :roll:

Johnny agrees! A hell of an X and O guy. Johnny had to Google “sluggo” from hearing it so often from DAP! He’s right, we need some of those. SCHONERTT!!!

You guys are very cool, and thanks for the kind words. And johnny, I know, we all have our favorite football things we harp on, right? :smiley:

I think Richard is the best in our forum at assessing personnel moves and ratio decisions, bar none. Hfx has a clearer view of the team’s big picture than anyone I’ve ever met and his football knowledge is topnotch. Johnny is the straight talker, basically the BS barometer for every move the team makes; I’ve seen that if something’s not right, Johnny is usually out in front of it before the rest of us. I could go on about every poster here, easily, but you get my point. Everyone here brings a LOT to the table and that’s what makes it a fun place to post. Even when we have our usual disagreements and differences. :cowboy:

Oh, and special mention to Niagara Als for being a living link to our rich team history. I only really started following the Als in the early 2000s, so having someone who remembers watching the greats and who can then compare those greats to current players is really neat. :thup:

Guess I didn`t make the team. Back to the Arena League!

Just look at the moves this team makes and how things pan out (usually) compared to what is discussed here to see how good a grasp people have of this team on here... Now if a couple lily flowers want to moan I just add them to my ignoramus list.

There are a lot of great contributors like Phil, Jack, Piggy that drop a line once in a while. That's awesome too.

You know it. I'm always here, just sipping on my drink in the corner, enjoying the good discussion. :wink:

Hfx,DP,Mike, GHT 120, Jack,Sheldon, Richard, Johnny and others: Yes we have an excellent Alouette Forum and, all of you provide very insightful information, opinions and knowledge on our favorite football team. I get mentioned because of my age. This is my first and last read every day. I have great respect for all who give input to this Forum and contribute so very well. Sometimes I let my emotions overtake my intelligence which was demonstrated a while back with DP and Hfx when we dealt with " The Crompton Affair" on these pages. Your notes did help me get a more realistic opinion of this QB only after we traded barbs about him. I got so frustrated with both of you that I, foolishly, penned some unkind and critical comments. When I calmed down and, reexamined my comments I felt so bad that I stayed away from this Forum for a week. Finally, I re entered the Forum and apologized for what I had written. I was greatly relieved that both of you accepted my apology. DP, you are indeed the Offensive Coordinator of my football team and Hfx, you will always be the GM.
Piggyman, I look for and enjoy your participation on the Alouette Forum. I believe you are one of the " Winnipeg Guys" who write so well on the CFL. There are some excellent writers on the Winnipeg Forum. Finally I greatly enjoy LeStaff ( our newcomer this season), for his thoughtful comments.

Just want to mentionned I"ve always answered your private messages, not sure if you ever got the replies but you may want to check your settings to make sure we can reply to you. Your the Patriarch of the forum. Would not be the same without ya.

I don't mind that people have varying opinions that's what a discussion forum is for.