John Bowman injured

From Twitter:

Herb Zurkowsky?@HerbZurkowsky1

#Als RE John Bowman has just suffered what appears to be a serious lower-body injury to his knee or ankle. Removed from field on a Gator.

CFL Official Feed?@CFL

Bad news for the Als? RT @MtlAlouettes : John Bowman injured while practicing a goal line situation. #Alouettes #CFLTC12 #CFL

Anwar… get ready.

That's very unfortunate. I can only wish John a speedy recovery, and hope he gets back to the team as quickly as possible :frowning:

There goes my prediction that Bowman would lead the league in sacks!

That sucks for John. Let's hope its just a hyper extension or a high sprain.

Well, our coaches let many of our defensive players go in the hope that the ones they were bringing in would more than do the job! That, of course, depends on the ones we have being there throughout the season and playing up to their usual standards. The loss of Bowman for even a short period is a BIG loss.

I sure hope that the D players we have will be able to confirm their coaches' trust. Otherwise, as Tony has suggested, we might just be calling on players who were let go to come back for at least one more season.

Stevie Baggs anyone? :roll:

Je crois pas que Baggs serait à l’aise dans un système versatile comme celui que Reinebold veut implanter. Et lorsque Baggs n’est pas à l’aise dans un système défensif, il devient ordinaire.

La perte de Bowman est une grosse perte, surtout si elle perdure longtemps. Mais nous verrons réellement ce que valent nos nouveaux et peut-être qu’un de ceux-là pourra prendre la relève. La bonne nouvelle, c’est que puisque Reinebold voulait implanter un système entièrement renouvelé, il pourra l’ajuster en fonction des joueurs qu’il a maintenant sous la main. C’est plus simple que s’il fallait ajuster un système déjà en place.

'Guess who just became the most important person in the world?'......oh wait, that was Avon. Anwar would never say that. :wink:


I saw a tweet by Herb Zurkowsky:

Herb Zurkowsky?@HerbZurkowsky1

John Bowman returns to Mtl on Monday for his MRI. Doesn't think injury's serious. On crutches as a precaution, but can walk without them.

More in the Gazette:

Better hope that MRI pans out

Despite conventional wisdom...the Alouettes defensive woes last year began with a pathetic pass-rush
I was dubious about our chances hobbled on one leg again this season
With Bowman (and Moton ((flash in the 1-game pan)) Hopkins) gone...we simply won't have a leg to stand on
(Unless one of the new guys makes a charge)

Injuries are part of football.

B.C. are down 3 Canadian o-linemen.

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Injuries are an unfortunate byproduct of the game, but they happen to all teams. And like the real world you have to find a way to adjust to adversity.

yes. Not to mention the regular season has yet to begin let alone the pre season game(s). All teams go through it.

I think Baggs is still unemployed.

Out 4-6 wks. with partially torn MCL surgery.

Could have been worse - it`s not the ACL and not season ending.

We`ll see if we have deep depth on the d-line - Akra, Montgomery., Lemmens, Murrell, etc.

Bowman`s surgery tomorrow.

Lots of luck to any of us trying to get next day arthroscopic knee surgery.

Who says the Alouettes aren`t important? :smiley:

Will/should miss no less than 4 regular season games and as much as 6. Could return July 27th or August 3rd. If it goes until August 3rd,the Als may want him to return after the 1 week break; if so, he will have missed 6 games.

I expect Jim Popp to sign at least another DE; I don't expect that it will be Anwar; time has come to go another direction.


La perte de Bowman est un dur coup. La bonne nouvelle, c'est qu'il sera de retour dès le premier tiers de la saison.

Bowman était un rouage pratiquement essentiel à l'établissement d'une défensive 3-4. Il nous faut pour ce genre de défensive un gars rapide qui connaît les joueurs de ligne de la ligue.

Enfin, nous verrons effectivement ce que valent ces nombreux nouveaux que Popp a amenés, et espérons qu'ils pourront combler ce trou béant.

I will not be surprised if John is transferred/placed on the 9 game injury list; knowing that he could come off that list before the end of 9 games, it will be safe to do so,in case the healing takes longer; furthermore, his salary won't go against the SMS. The Als may wait till the end of training camp/when rosters have to be finalized,before deciding on option.