John Avery

I was just wondering if anyone can tell me what is going on with Avery since Williams took over the starting roll? I see that he was scratched in the first game and did not play in the second. Is he hurt or just not getting a chance to play?

I appreciate any information.

The owners and coaching staff have publically stated that Avery will remain on the team to collect his full salary even if he does not play all year.
Currently, he is on the 46 man roster, of which 42 actually play.

Im guessing that he has the back-up job but I really have no idea, no one in the media has been talking about avery since training camp.

Thanks for the information. It is hard to get anything here in the US. I attendended the same JR College that Avery did before he went to Ole Miss so I have always tried to keep up with his career.

My suggestion would be, let him replace Stokes and get Levingston back returning kicks. I don't think Stokes is the player he was a few years ago.

why not use both Williams and Avery in a RB tandem? Williams clearly needs to learn more, and maybe he can learn by watching the game from the sidelines on a few plays rather than making mistakes on the field.

Avery should find a new home after the Argos signed Willams.Its a crying shame he has to sit while Ricky a NFL outcast plays in the CFL.

I agree, I know what Avery can do when healthy (which has always been an issue) but to totally remove him from the lineup or leave him sitting on the bench when he has the speed to break a long on each time he touches the ball is crazy.

Maybe if he hadn't abandoned the Eskies a few years back he would still have a starting job now. What goes around comes around.

The Argos are keeping Avery around as insurance & for next year when Ricky is back with the Dolphins.

i agree with replacing stokes with bash....stokes stinks!

finally people are realizing how bad stokes is. took a long time.