John Avery

I don't understand the hate towards John Avery around the league. Everyone thinks he has an attitude problem. Ok, given he may not be the brightest guy in the world, and got by on his athletic ability through college, so that may be the reason for him sayin some of the things he does, like "Every team should have a dome" or "the air was just so cold, and my hards where freezing, that's why I dropped the football."
But aside from comments made out of stupidity, he is a class act. The guy always has a smile on his face, he gladly took a pay cut when the Argos asked him to take 50% off his pay. Last year in the Eastern Final, the Als expected the Argos to come out and try and establish the run. But instead used a swing pass to Arland Bruce as the run game. Avery had 0 carries through 3 quarters. Did you hear him complain? No! He had the team first attitude, and knew his role, and did it. Someone mentioned a couple days ago, if Avery were ever traded to B.C, Wally wouldn't put up with Avery's attitude. That to me makes no sense at all. If Wally can handle the Printers/Dickenson fiasco, and putting up with players like Carl Kidd on his team, then what makes John Avery so hard to deal with? Avery showed flashes late last year of his old self, and he will again when he heals up. I just don't understand why there is so much Avery bashing in this forum.

Class acts dont make comments out of stupidity or look for excuses.

Well, I am one who loves pinball but his love thy neighbor comments aren't always the most intelligent sounding.

I am not an Avery hater, but something happened between the time that he guarenteed he would run for 2000 yards, and the first play of the season. I know he is a game breaker , and 2000 was a possibility for him. The same can be said for Troy Davis in Hamilton.

I believe Troy Davis could run for 2000 yards, if he played on a half decent team.

As for class acts go, Corey Holmes. Nuff said.

Might help Avery if he had an O-line that at least allowed him to get to the line of scrim. before he gets clocked, it's not always the runners fault.

As an Alouettes fan, I don't mind at all that the Argonauts stay committed to John Avery. Keep him as long as you want.