John Avery will be CUT for Williams

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There's more reason than ever to watch running back John Avery in training camp.

Heading into his third season with the Argos, Avery will be hoping to make it through without any physical setbacks.

In his first season, he was hobbled by a knee problem resulting from surgery eight months before and missed most of training camp and both pre-season games.

Last season, an injury near the groin area limited his training camp participation after looking fleet on his feet in the first few practices. He missed both pre-season games after that and the season opener, while rookie sensation Hakim Hill garnered some early notice.

This year the talk is about Ricky Williams, the Miami Dolphins running back who has been suspended from the National Football League for the 2006 season for substance abuse violations but may be joining the Argos if a contract can be consummated.

It has been speculated that no matter what Avery does in training camp, there won't be room on the roster for both he and Williams.

Avery, who normally is quotable on any subject no matter who sensitive, does not want to answer any questions pertaining to Williams.

Head coach Pinball Clemons understands Avery's decision, but said he can't prevent it from becoming a distraction.

"His job is to make sure it isn't (a distraction) for him," Clemons said.

"That's what he has to do as a pro.

"The big thing is he doesn't control that, so he really can't answer things that are out of his control."

Avery has come into training camp 11 pounds lighter than last year when he weighed in at about 196, a product of over-training to strengthen his knee.

"I feel like myself again," he said. "It has been a rough two years on me, but today coming out here and running around and feeling fast and athletic, I feel like can do some things I used to do, so it feels good.

"I feel like a cat because every time I make a cut, I hear something go 'meow.'"

When asked if this will finally be his year with the Argos after two seasons of physical, mental and emotional stress, he said: "I hope so. You never know. You're only one play away from an injury. My body feels good. I feel like a champ. I'm just ready to let the first (guy) hit me and see what happens."

Avery took a nasty physical shot from linebacker Kevin Eiben, but regained his feet after a few seconds without any noticeable setbacks.

Clemons said Avery has a spring in his step and clarity of thought.

"He just wants to play football," Clemons said. "He does have a lot of hop, but what I see the most is a guy that wants to play. His mind is free."

Maybe Avery will go to another team, like Hamilton, Edmonton, Calgary, or BC.

OMG u have to be kidding!!

Avery will be on the team if they end up with ricky!! dont fool yourself into thinking that the dolphins are letting the argos have rickey without some conditions. if he even gets a bruise he will be put on the injury list.

exactly. And there are no other teams in the CFL who would even be inerested in Avery.

avery has a bad attitude ( listen to his podcast on argos site ), and hes always hurt.

The Williams saga continues, with the lates estimate being if he comes it could take 1-2 weeks to iron out a contract.
Regardless, I think the Argos will have to keep three RB in total. With the rosters set at 46, of which 42 are declared for each game, you have to have the depth incase of injuries. Plus, since there is no read salary cap this year, the teams can afford to keep them.

How many more chances does Avery get? Every year I hear this is the one he could break out and be a star again. I have givin up on Avery. There is not a more frustrating player to watch now that Bishop is gone. Avery always shows signs of brilliance only to fumble on a key drive or drop an easy screen pass. It's like he doesn't concentrate or focus. If Williams doesn't sign then you have to give him a chance, otherwise the Argos should dump his wasted salary.

Argos have always had 3 RB on the roster, last year it was Avery, Johnson and John Williams. Should Ricky Williams end up in TO, I could see Avery being the casualty, simply because of his salary and what they'd have to pay Ricky Williams to play here

Johnson will still be the best running back they've got, no matter whether Williams or Avery is the feature guy.

I agree keep JOHNSON.

keep johnson, dump avery.

#33 johnson and #34 williams

think any other CFL teams will sign him?

avery wont be goin n e where...williams will only be there for 1 season and no more..if they get rid of avery then the argos wont have anyone, and no cfl team will sign him cuz of his injury problems so toronot is better off to just keep him

Willams Will Wear #27 in the CFL

Acturally, I think JA is done, has two Cups, he will be trying for the NFL, maybe the Dolphins can take him.

the williams hype has to stop hes already signed with the argos.
Anyways the Blue Bombers will show em how tough it is to play in the cfl

Ricky Williams... just when I thought the CFL was starting to get class again the ARGO's show how cheesy they are as an organization. I can't believe they brought Ricky Williams in for one year and that even Tom Wright agreed to let him play in the CFL for the one year of his suspension... but then again Winnipeg signed the Whizinator!!!

All I can say is I am glad I stopped being an argos Fan in the 80's... waitago Greg Monz.. typical. Leo Cahill would never have done this!!!

Well Leofan all I can say if you're not a fan anymore don't worry about it. But Leo Cahill probably would have signed both Smith and Williams if he had the chance. Leo rode herd over quite a crew in his day some of who had their checkered pasts as well...its just the news media didn't dig up and report all the dirt like they do now. Remember the old saying, when we point a finger at someone there's three pointing back at us.

they need to cut john avery, he is the most overrated argo in history, 250,000 for his lousy production, this guy talks too much smakc and never delivers in the clutch.

4 carries, 7 yards.

Nuff said!