John Avery status

How's he doing? When is he coming back?

He played against Calgary.

Thanks, Si I take it he didn't even get 1 yard as the CFL stats don't have him on there?

He had 14 yards on 6 carries. Those stats are usually slow updating or are incorrect.

It Looks Like He's Bein Put On The Injured Reserve, I Don't Remember Him Hurting Anything On Saterday, Except His Pride. Anyone Know What's Going On?

The team doctor has him listed with a severe case of Blue Bomber,Allouette flu...Lots of rest with the covers pulled over head...and his mama was flown in this morning to read some of his favorite bed time story's...

he did well tonight!

Ya he did ok.....whats up with all the fuss at the start of the week...the Argo's were going to put him on ice..

not any more