John Avery out for labour day?

Rumours are circulating that avery has an ankle injury and might be out for labour day!

This could be a sign of good things for the tabbies

I heard Ricky Williams is gonna be back for that game is that true?

John Avery was limping at the end of the game, and that's why JJ went in, who had that near fatal fumble against Winnipeg. At the airport they tried to fool the media by pushing JA in a wheelchair, but I doubt that they would joke around like that if he was really injured enough to miss a game. With 10 days between the games, I'm pretty sure JA will be in the lineup.

not too sure but if ricky is there he's been ineffitive so far in his cfl tenure so they would probably go with jeff johnson

Ricky Williams is tentatively scheduled to return against Calgary. If Avery can't go, it'll be Jeff Johnson who takes his place which will free up an import spot.

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