John Avery LOL

See, if CFL players cannot take the league seriously, why would the casual fan?


my god, John Avery just made himself look like a total loser by doing that.

Doesn’t make the CFL look very good but not completely unfunny.

one of the things you should NEVER do in stand up is laugh at your own jokes!

so not only does he sux at football, he sux at that too!

old news...u coulda listened to that months ago on the argo website.

It's a comic routine how serious do you think he should be! It is no secret that players here play more for the love of the game then to make a living. You have been in hog town to long!

Im not an Avery fan but why can't you laugh at it? an old roomate of mine is a Black Francophone and that simple fact is practically his whole routine!

I LOVE Comedy and there's a way to be funny while being a good sportsman. He's just making fun of the negative and saying nothing of the positives. Isn't he making $150K? And he needs a second job, my...