Jogo - CFL Trading Cards - 2006 sets

New Jogo set are out, I just bought them from GameBreakers in Ottawa:

2006 Jogo CFL Players Set (165 cards - White borders)
2006 JOGO SPECIAL 15card Variation/Short print set
2006 JOGO SPECIAL 12card CFL Rookie Set
LIMITED SPECIAL CARD + Damon Allen, Marcus Allen, Warren Moon

If you want the run-down of the sets:

Jogo 2006 Checklist

What sort of princing did you pay?

I went to your link but didn't see any price.

The black border (with UV coating) set is the “common set” (385 printed @ 110$ +tx), the white border one I bought is the one given to players only 85 printed.

As for the price I paid…it costed me around 350$ but I bought other series also, i don’t have the specific details on my bill.

For those of you interested:
Dealer’s List

Call them up and ask the prices :slight_smile:

I checked out the dealer link but didn't see any in the Vancouver area. Does anyone know of any dealers who carry these in the Vancouver/Lower mainland area?