Joffrey Reynolds

Just heard on the radio he has been arrested for breach for violating his no-contact order... In case anyone cares..:slight_smile:

yep, you are correct jaz.


CALGARY – A former all-star running back with the Calgary Stampeders who was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend has been arrested again.

Calgary police say Joffrey Reynolds, who is 33, was taken into custody Tuesday for allegedly breaching the conditions of a no-contact order.

Reynolds had been on bail awaiting sentencing following his conviction in February.

He was allowed to remain free on bail despite the Crown’s argument that he should be taken into custody immediately, but the judge said Reynolds was not a flight risk.[/b]

a shame how far Joffrey has fallen.
Hopefully the ex-girlfriend can regain some peace.

Why is ths clown still in our country.... He is of no use here unless he is playing football... Otherwise he is just here to use what little celebrity he has to fornicate with our women.... I'm all for sharing women and all, but if he leaves them pregnant, he has no legal ways to support those children.Send him back to yankeeville, I'm sure BP has job for him, cleaning oil spills for 6 bucks an hour

Our women LMAO!

This is hilarious :lol:

PS: I’m laughing at you not with you MB

How very noble of you. Women, for their part, might not be “all for” that idea, though.

Laugh all you want, but there are current and historical examples of protecting the "nations assets" if you will. A good exam[pl;e in North America is the prohibition of drugs. Prohibition was to protect America's women against Asian men(opium dens) and later Mexican men (canabis). If you can find a more racist society then South Korea be my guest. South Korea has been made this way from forigners taking their women. First by Japan and later by American forces.

Maybe it's time to say the CFL is an enterprise that will attempt to sign all players from Canada, Canadians and get rid of allowing imports in the first place that take jobs away from our own.

Ok, I'm not totally serious as I realize our own fellow citizens could do the same thing as Joffrey. Unfortunate, I always liked the guy but that was just watching him get interviewed on TV, which means dick I admit.

LOL I don’t think Reynolds is tearing a swath across Canada violating “our” women. :roll:

Women do not belong to you, or to me, or to anyone but themselves, regardless of nationality. Implying that women need to be policed as a national asset is condescending at best and outright sexist / insulting at worst.

Oh and BTW, demonizing an ethnic other as some kind of predatory race bent on conquering “our” women is in the handbook of How to be a Mindless Nationalist, 857rd ed. That’s how you make an enemy out of a person – reduce them to shadowy threat. :lol:

I actually knew Joffrey and his girlfriend outside of football. Unfortunately, I lost contact with them during his last season with the Stampeders.

I make no excuses for his behavior, but I think he is having a hard time dealling with the transition from "star player" to "regular joe". When he lost his starting job with Calgary he lost his home (which is why his Former-GF was in a condo), his car, his income and his "fame".

The union is supposed to be there to support players. Does anyone know, do they have a program to help these players adapt to "after football" life?

This is a very unfortunate situation for a player I once had great respect for.


Well...why is he still in this country. Unless he has stated a business or something, he seems to just be in our country beating and stalking our women... God knows what else he has on the go with other women... Does it have to be as extreme as Trevis Smith before we deport unemployed hangers on.

Again lol, “beating and stalking our women” you make them sound like cattle. :thdn: no offense but you have a neanderthal mentality.

Hopefully, it's the end of Mr Bungle and his often non-sensical and occasional racist rants :roll:

Racist? I have never mentioned race once. Maybe get your own racist ideas out of your head and stop imposing them on other people. As for thinking of women as cattle... LMAO. Men have always had to protect women. Why did my sister not get molested when every other girl in my neibourhood got diddled by the local pervert? Well maybe because me and my brother would have killed him. He only picked on girls who didn't have any brothers. Women have always been a society's asset, if they are not protected by it's society then they will be abused and takin advantage of. Why are South East Asian women so willing to marry forigners? Well let's start with the 70% domestic abuse rate most countries in SE Asia have. As a nation we have an obligation to protect our women from unemployed forigners who beat and now stalk our citizens....He should be deported ASAP.

This is 2013 in Canada lol

No question though women are generally the victims, not always, but generally the victims in rape and domestic violence.

Was it not in 2013 in canada where Reynolds perpetrated his crime? If this womwn does not have the family support to protect her, then yes our society has a role to play too. Much like our Canadian court system stepped up to protect our women against the likes of Trevis Smith…

…tone the rhetoric down Bungle, this is a football forum, your comments are border-line offensive to some…just asking for you to get along in the sandbox…

Once again, an arrest warrant is out on Joffrey Reynolds who breached probation and is currently on the run…

[b]Ex-Calgary Stampeder Joffrey Reynolds wanted on warrants

Police have issued a warrant for Joffrey Reynolds after the former Stampeders star running back allegedly missed curfew and went on the lam.
Provincial court Judge Brian Stevenson ordered Reynolds to serve 90 days in jail on weekends on charges of assault, assault causing bodily harm and being unlawfully in his ex-girlfriend’s home.

Calgary police allege Reynolds breached four counts of his current probation by failing to abide by house arrest and missing curfew.

Cops said late Thursday his whereabouts were unknown.


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