Joffrey Reynolds...

Since Calgary is getting rid of it's veterans, can Joffrey Reynolds be a good backup or short yardage guy to Whitaker? If Whitaker were to get injured, who do we have as backup?

My guess is that Saskatchewan would be (or should be) interested in Reynolds

Popp will surely have 3 or 4 RB's over and above Whitaker in training camp

I'd rather he has 3 or 4 DB's and DL's. Instead of more receivers


He will !

So he's available, i say we bring him into camp and see what he has left in the tank!

I think he still has plenty in the tank, the problem is he`ll want plenty in the bank.

Reynolds is a north south powerback. I hope he finds work because he's a class act and really good at what he does but I don't see the fit in Trestman's offense. Calgary is moving on running a similar offense to Montreal... Guys like Joe Smith, Cates and Reynolds are pretty much "out of fashion" in the current CFL. Saskatchewan, Edmonton maybe BC...

Definitely not interested! Why should we need/contemplate a 32 years old RB? If Whitaker is injured, we will have an option other than Jeffrey Reynolds.

Our off-season priorities/issues are definitely not on offense, but rather on defense-DL and DB- and defensive coaching staff.Special teams-coach and players- also priorities.


X2 Richard... Take care of our guys first has always worked well for us. I'm hoping All our guys show up healthy including Dwight.

Shea Emry was on TSN 990 last night and he says he`s been in Mtl. working out the last 3 wks. with Boulay, and that he feels fine.

The coaching defections did seem to bother him a bit.

If Estelle is forced to retire as Herb reported, the Als might have to find a way to make the Anderson situation work. They apparently picked up his option for this year, whatever that means.

Tibesar was very,very flattering of Dwight before leaving to the point where I wonder if this wasn't a point of contention between him and Trestman. I would like to see Dwight back. The only time our defense looked any good last season was when he played and he seems to want to be here. So make it so Picardman.

Our offense needs a smaller scatback, not a power runner like Reynolds. I like Reynolds a lot, but he's not what we need backing up Whitaker.

Disagree. For those of us who can harken back to the days of Don Clark and George Dixon, I remember when our star running back, i.e. Clark, went down with a career-ending injury; fortunately, we had Dixon. I think Reynolds definitely has gas left in his tank, and I am hoping that the running game will fit in more to offensive schemes this coming season.

I agree, however, that the priority remains getting good players in our secondary.

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Problem these days is SMS. Even if Reynolds took a 50 percent pay cut so let's say $75.000 that would likely be more than Brandon makes (at least till he extends). So it is hard to have a guy sitting on the bench making that kind of "CFL money". I am pretty sure if Joffrey had wanted to play for 75k he would still be in Calgary...

Regarding our secondary, provided our guys come back healthy and Seth Williams continues his progression we are in great shape. Problem is we won't know that till training camp...

I think our football people really need to focus on the defensive line. To me that will be the key to the Als season.

Completely and utterly wrong

The Alouettes had as "scatty" a back as they needed last season in Whitaker
What they need is a true fullback to make those gritty 1-3 yd power runs

Reynolds...while a harder-nosed back than we've got
Wouldn't really be the true fullback the Alouettes need as a complement to Whitaker in the backfield

Had we Emery, Boulay and Anderson active at the latter part of last year I believe we would have made it, at least, to the Eastern Final. We do need newcomers to our defensive backfield as both Emery and Boulay could be subject to concussion. I hope not. Reynolds will most likely be out of our price range but I would rather have a back like him to ensure we don't miss out on those 1-1.5 first down/ touchdown runs. Diedrick missed a couple last year and, we have not seen K Carter in that role. I don't remember anything from Emmanuel. I agree with Mike, and JKM, and would like to have more competition for that position.