Joffrey Reynolds?

You guys still thinking he isnt the real deal??? I thought he
killed that poor db(thankfully he got up) with his leg.

Then at the end of the game was it two or three guys he gave a
straight arm salute and away he went.

Now if the rest of my team would show up maybe i could start doing
a Statik no armed chug and two step celebration. Looking at the
schedule should happen next week. :lol:

Reynolds looked pretty good when he got going, scary for the Gades' D.

Yeah good luck with that one. Playing like they did yesterday against the Riders won’t get them very far. Hopefully for you your O-line can protect Henry as well against us as they did against the Rens cuz there will be a lot of guys out for blood feelin betrayed. I hope it is a close game though, they are always more fun to watch. More stressful too so part of me hopes Sask runs away with it early… only doesn’t fall asleep in the last 5 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:

Go Riders!!

Huh and i thought Eskylo was a Esks fan this whole time!

...........I doubt there will be any headhunting by the riders ont he 23rd Dr.R.........enough time has passed and you're really overlaying a minority fan sentiment on players who do this for a job and respect the fact others are doing the same and have families to support........will the riders go hard after Hank?.....yup, but probably no harder than they would after Ricky, Double D or Tee..........

.........oops, this was supposed to be about our M1A1 Abrahams Tank, otherwise known as Joffery Reynolds.........I tried to tell a bunch of rider fans in the off season JR would give KK a run for the best RB in the league and was soundly told to stuff it.........hmmmmm, I aint saying I told you so yet but I haven't been proven wrong either..........those straight arms in that last run were hilarious.....Outta My Way DB, I Gots Yards To Go.........

as a big card collector i have his NFL rookie card from 2003(as a ram) although he was undrafted, i also have a Yo Murphey and a few others!