Joffery Reynolds

Its great to see him crack the top ten and its only a matter of time before he cacthes kelvin anderson for 9th and 1st all time for calgary, i dont know about you but im fine having him represent us as our best rusher all time :thup:

J. Reynolds. :thup: Congrats to Calgary; top/elite team thus far.

Reynolds is a class act I have a great deal of respect for both his talent and attitude, Congrats :thup:

TSN had a really good peice on Reynolds in the pre game. somewhat implies he could have tried with another team in the NFL but just didnt like it. mad props to dunnigan. i think he brought lewis in as well.

i would love to see calgary run like a power I or wild cat with cote, reynolds and cornish. really take it to them. Calgary has always been known as a pass first team. but they have a heck of a good running aspect. sometimes it would be nice for the leagues team to show some more imagination like that. for the entertainment value. and if they add lumsden...

Cornish has been used successfully all season also on screen passes including out of the bunch slot end set via play action run, and I can't see why he's not used more as he has moves to make the extra yards after contact too.

When you add Cornish's running and receiving yards, with most receptions screen passes anyway, you get 587 yards on 63 touches for a whopping average of 9.3 yards every time he touches the ball as an RB.

ya but he is still young and needs to mature... it was only this year that he has started to show his talents. last year he was brutal imo and i thought for sure he would be released. im very happy with what hes done and that he is making a case for himself to be the future, but you dont take a guy like reynolds and sit him on the sidelines for long. cornish is lucky with the touches he has gotten.

After watching cb3 play today I don't think j.r. Will won the rushing title this year. Was also suprised to see cobb will probably have a thousand yards again thus year. Maybe not as bad as I thought. It's tough being a rusher for Calgary as they are traditionally a passing team and now Cornish getting more reps. I hope Calgary keeps j.r. For a few more Years