Joffery Reynolds; where is he next year?

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Joffrey Reynolds won’t be riding off into the sunset of retirement just yet.

But the all-time franchise rushing leader is quite positive he’s played his final game with the Calgary Stampeders.

If Reynolds’ outstanding tenure ends, he goes out as a healthy scratch.

He was forced to watch the Stamps lose the CFL West Division semifinal 33-19 to the Edmonton Eskimos from his couch Sunday without the chance to do anything about the outcome. So it’s not news to him there isn’t much of a future with this team, even though he does have a contract for next season.

“I don’t know what changes will be made,? Reynolds said. “I’m sure management is going to try and go a different way.

“By no means do I feel that I’m at the end of my road or trying to squeeze out a couple of years. I still feel healthy and I don’t feel I’ve lost a step. The only thing now is to prove that I can get it done with the right opportunity.?

Reynolds finishes his tenure with the Stamps at 9,213 rushing yards, which is good enough for seventh on the CFL’s all-time list.

The 2011 season was his only full campaign in which he didn’t reach the 1,000-yard plateau, and he was replaced by Jon Cornish as the starter in Week 13.

Cornish racked up yardage to prove the switch was the correct call. In the West semi-final loss, the offence sputtered but Cornish didn’t, as the 27-year-old Canadian ran for 127 yards on 14 carries.

With Cornish as the starter and LaMarcus Coker as a threatening backup, there isn’t any room for Reynolds.

The Stamps could also use the money spent on his salary to create cap space and shore up other areas.

Reynolds would like to figure out his next destination as quickly as possible.

“If I could get one right now, that would be good,? the soon-to-be 32-year-old said. “Again, I don’t know. I haven’t got the word. I know as much as you all do. I hope to get an answer soon.?

If there is one regret Reynolds has from his time with the Stampeders is the fact the team only won one Grey Cup.

Every year since 2005, they’ve been playoff contenders, finishing first twice (2008 and 2010) but suffering heartbreaking defeats every year except for 2008. Much like the Stamps teams of the 1990s, they probably should have come away with more titles.

“That’s the biggest thing you regret as an athlete,? Reynolds said. “You only have so many times to be on a good team. To squander that away in terms of being underachieving leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

“I would consider us underachieving during my time here. I always thought we had the opportunities of being the best team in this league, and we’ve only proven that one time.?

let's look at this from a team by team set up.

who needs a running back in all honesty?


that's all.

all the 7 teams remaining have good, solid starting running backs.

if anyone is at all questionable besides the Riders it could be Toronto but a lot of it also depends on who stays next year and who goes to the NFL or is released?

word out of Edmonton is Messam is going into his Option year and wants to look at the NFL.


But the Riders are IMO needing a proven running back now that Cates has lost a few steps.

yea, i tried doing a team-by-team breakdown like you did.
my crystal ball is fuzzy on this one.

Like Hank, I think he might also be done.

That's pretty much my take as well.
Although Reynolds has also lost a step or two, which is what cost him his job in Calgary. IMO, a much younger back should be on the shopping list for the Riders but Reynolds could be a bandaid until they find one.

Got a link?

I was wondering if the riders might try going Canadian in the backfield now that cates is getting older. Matt walter went back to UofC after the stamps released him. Might be a nice pickup to replace Cates when Cates is done. Just a thought for the riders.

It would've been nice if he could've finished a Stamp, but what're you gonna do? Good luck to him next season.

Maybe the coaches will want him to work out and come to camp and compete for a spot.

Seems to me (and im a stamps fan) some of the Core players have gotten a little too comfortable and forgotten that a player should always be aware someone can take your job.

I know In the NFL its a little more strict. there is no way an NFL team would have kept a running back that dropped off that hard. sean alexander ring a bell to anyone?

Depending on his salary demands. I think there would be a few teams interested. Saskatchewan, Winnipeg and even Montreal who lacked that big back but his days of making six figures are probably gone.

the link is Radio and I think TSN. the guys were talking one game day and I can't remember which of the 4 mentioned Messam's heading into the option year of his contract and is looking at possible NFL camps for 2012.

Messam just tore knee cartilage. He's not going to get NFL offers. He's also got quite the "resume". I can't see it. He's got a good thing going in Edmonton, he should focus on that.

…class act, gonna miss him…thanks for bringing a solid work effort here every day JR…

Weird how football teams unravel quickly. I had Montreal vs Calgary as my odds on favourite to go to the GC.

i said calgary and hamilton before the season.

I had Mon vs Cal to be in the Grey Cup too. I didn't think that Ed/Winn would be in the West/East Div. Final either.

I think he can still play. Remember last year (and first half of this season) he split the backfield with Cornish pretty well evenly. It would be smart for someone to pick him up. Even with limited touches he could still be effective. I'm still not convinced he won't be a stamp. Reynolds is a classy guy and I'm sure Huf would like to have him back if he accepts a reduced role. Heck, if not for the fact that I believe BC will go with an all canadian backfield next year, I'd like to see him in orange.

I had BC and Hamilton in the cup this year, second picks would be Calgary and Montreal. Weird how two outstanding players from last season may not have a team to play for next year.

Maybe JR would play for the Lions, they may need a big RB