Joey Walters/Jason Armstead

After #17 left in 1982 I never thought i'd see a receiver with Joey Walters talent again ,it's only taken 24 years, but seeing #1 on the field is like a reincarnation of my all time favorite Roughie,the only differance is, this time around i think the Riders will do whatever they can to keep this guy.................GO RIDERS GO

this is sooo true :wink: Armstead is a different receiver almost unique, dont get me wrong i still like Matt as our #1 reciever :cowboy: but i know wut u are talkin about deflated :wink:

i wasnt even aroud when joey w played the game

My favorite receiver was Chris DeFrance. He was a great receiver on bad Rider teams, and it seemed he never got the credit for being a reliable receiver.

AGREE Walters & Defrance were great slots..remember when Defrance Ran a long bomb got his helmet knocked off during the catch and ran the final 20 yards with no helmet...

Anway if Armstead & Dominguez continue there awesome pace ..we Prolly have the best wide reciever combo in the league

"No doubt about it" was Joey Walter's favourite phrase! Armstead does resemble #17!

lol,yeah, six times an interview you'd hear #17 say "no doubt about it" ..Defrance and that catch, it's as clear today as it was then, deep over the middle and no helmet rumbleing into the endzone, i still get goose bumps thinking about funny,these guys didn't play with all the ego of todays receivers, i don't ever remember Defrance or Walters celebrateing with any silly endzone dances and yet there were two of the games all time best......GO RIDERS GO

The Other Interesting tidbit about Defrance is.. well ..his body wasnt exactly fact it looked more like the Pilsbury Doughboy... but he did make some phenominal catches

Walters and Defrance are a little fuzzy in my memory, so I can't really comment. I just wanted in on the action.

I wonder if the Fairholm/Elgaard was one of, if no the, best SB combo ever. Blazing speed, and bull toughness. Both had great hands. I can still see Elgaard going across the goal line with literally 2 or 3 backs latched onto him.


actually your right by saying if Elgaar/Fairholmes was 1 of the best combo the Riders ever had IMO :wink: Walters/Defrance was just a combo in the early 80's, i think they only played 1 or 2 years together :slight_smile:

Here's a link on Joey:

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My apologies...this is the right link

[url=] ... 06aab.html[/url]

Fairholm and Elgaard were a great combo, but Elgaard was also known as Mr. Offside…LOL

well they did make up that 2 yard rule up, where u can run up to the line without gettin called offside thx to him :smiley: :wink: