Joey Votto not caring much about Canadian baseball

Interesting comments. Apparently he has some mental health issues according to some comments but his rhetoric here seems a bit over the top. Sorta weird I'd say.

Joey Votto: ‘I don’t care almost at all about Canadian baseball’

"I don’t care almost at all about Canadian baseball," said Votto, who was also the National League MVP in 2010. "I wasn’t raised inside of Canadian baseball really. I’m coming up on half of my life being in the United States working and being supported by American baseball."

Yep I kinda figured that’s the way most of the millionaires in ML baseball feel . Baseball is just a very individual sport next to hockey , football and soccer .

The stats are just so important .

However the exception is when you see Japan or Cuba play they seem to play with National pride when it comes to international baseball .

I don't care AT ALL about Joey votto. Who is he anyway ?

MLB player on his way to HOF after he retires probably .
Previous MVP and batting champion, gold glover. Plays for Cincinnati first base. Very high contract.
Twice winner of Lou Marsh trophy as Canada’s top athlete.

Canadian from Toronto. Also played for BB Team Canada in 2014.

Has since apologized for remark but clearly feels that Canada did little to help him in his BB development. Identifies more with States as he has lived there longer than Canada.

Overblown sense of " patriotic nonsense" in my mind.

Could probably take a lesson from Wayne Gretzky as far as PR diplomacy goes.

On a divergent thought why isn’t Larry Walker ever mentioned as a possible HOF candidate?

Hey. sure, think whatever you want but man, no one is saying you have to be any bit patriotic if you don't want to and being patriotic in some ways nowadays isn't an "in" thing with a lot of people anyways, but have a bit of class to go along with your talent and just say nothing about not caring about baseball in Canada and that. I would think that any baseball player, as a player and fan of the game, would at the very least care about baseball growing in any country, grassroots level, amateur, pro etc.. You would think anyways. :-\

Yup A I agree.
No-one said he's a bright guy.

No question, you don’t have to have a lot upstairs in the academic type realm to be a superstar pro athlete, that is for sure.

I say we should votto joey off the tribe :slight_smile:

He took the comments back very quickly:

Good for him for taking ownership and apologizing but I think you heard how he feels down in his heart honestly with he couldn’t care less .

It maybe very personal but something jaded him towards his birthplace and home country .

He can be excused somewhat due to lack of grey matter, for sure. Hey, we all goof with how things are said sometimes and not many of us are Einstein's. He did the right thing and apologized, I realize as well he has done some excellent work for Canadian baseball.

This article may be going too far to praise him but I agree with the overall sentiment, I guess, knowing Mr. Griffin thinks the sun rises and falls with the sport of baseball.

Joey Votto has nothing to apologize for

I read it .

Ha I like him now it’s a Toronto and Jays scorn that leaked out .

Now I get it . I can relate to those same feelings .