Joey Harrington?

He is available, and with the Argos recent QB troubles maybe they should sign him at the end of the year, another NFl stunt like the Ricky Williams stunt will probably attract alot of fans to.

Joey Harrington is pathetic…that would be a waste of time.

Lets not consider any ole NFL qb worthy of the CFL. I guess he is worth a look but he would not be the first former nfl I would try maybe the last

Wasn't he the mediocre (being generous :lol: ) QB with the Dolphins last season?

he was with the falcons last year

Who am I thinking of then... But still, the Falcons weren`t that great offensively, either...

Joey Harrington $ucks.

When are people going to realize that Washed out NFL quarterbacks= washed out CFL quarterbacks!!!!
Sucessful CFL quarterbacks fit one of two moulds.

  1. Quarterbacks who would thrive in the NFL but the conservative, bible thumping, George Bush loving coaches of the NFL are too redneck to realize it. (ex. Warren Moon, Jeff Garcia, Doug Flutie, Matt Dunnigan, Ricky Ray, Dave Dickenson(although concusions might of got him there as well despie the slower DL)
    Then there are the Quarterbacks who simply don't fit the NFL game.... Damon Allen, Ron Lancaster, JC Watts, Casey Printers(without scramble rules he doesn't belong in the CFL either)
    A quarterback like Harrignton who is a pocket passer who could not cut it in the NFL would BE DESTROYED IN THE CFL.....IMAGINE ROB JOHNSON IN THE NFL.... THAT WOULD BE HARRIGTON IN THE CFL..... CAM WAKE WOULD EAT HIS CHILDREN.

Any one remember the Vince Ferragamo experiment in Montreal? :roll: :roll: