Joey Elliott

Well, based on this one game, I do think the team has found its QB.

Area 51, how do you want your crow, fried or steamed?

;;;;;;Joe eeeeee.....400 yards in his first start.... :rockin: IF he can get a few more games under his belt and avoid the risky throws (that could[ve been picked off by a better defence) the skies the limits for Joey....I luv this kid already AND so many times I could have said told ya so....BUT let's just Elliott prove to all that once Pierce is back...WHO really is the starter :wink: :rockin:

He started a little shaky, but for sure looked better as the game went on. The team as a whole played much better today.

Well, papa, as you know, I always said I liked this kid, thought he had more potential than Brink. . . and we sure saw that tonight.

Ride him for as long as you can. . . good lord, 33 for 43, no interceptions, 406 yards. . . I think if he can keep that up Buck is going to be #2.

Mind you, that was Hamilton’s defence he was playing against, so let’s not get too carried away just yet. . .

The Bombers coach LaPolice was patient and did not jump the gun and let and let Brink play out that first 6 games in which teams break the season int 6-6-6 and go into the buy weeks and re group. Wit a alot of players coming off injuries and Elliot being equally as good as Brink and fresh and more important 100% healthy no bumps no bruises and they take the next 6 games and see where they are at Hopefully everyone can stay healthy and Elliot just looked very poised.
Like that the Bombers keep going to Simpson although he may get stopped early eventually break through. opening up everything for the Bombers offence, Elliot passing and a lot of the spotlight off of the O Line. Gary Crowton's game plan was finally able to be executed correctly for the 1st time.

BC up next and the game will again be at Ivory Wynn!

Sure Jack, but what I liked about Joey was how pissed he got over time management at the end of the game. He wasn't calling the plays and they weren't working to kill the clock. Our coach has had this problem before.

Not too shabby for a guy making just his 3rd, should that be repeated.. 3rd career start. 10 passes missed, on the post game said he wish he had some throws back, have always thought he was better than brink, smarter, seems to be able to read the coverage better. Perhaps better than BUCK. Great game by JOEY. interesting to hear the fans chanting his name in the third.

Best part tho, suitor on tv says, well this is where we see if he has the moxie, if he's the guy with 4 minutes left in the game, Elliott drives them down for a td.

Without Chris Williams, if he ever got hurt, ticats would have troubles on offence cuz he's the only guy that did anything.

I liked the way the offense performed tonight, everyone was involved and that game winning TD drive was clutch, a good start.

Elliott played well. He put together some drives, would've liked to see them finish more drives in the first half with a TD but for a team struggling to just get first downs all season, moving the ball up the field for even just a field goal is progress. He did not throw a pick BUT he came pretty darn close a few times, at least 4 including that one late which Webb could have snagged for a pick 6 if he had a better angle. He'll have to clean that up because BCs secondary, IMO, is not as forgiving as Hamiltons. Elliott was also helped by much improved play calling. They did a great job using Simpson more carrying the ball and catching it out of the backfield (18 carries and 6 receptions this wk vs 7 and 3 the week before vs MTL). They took simpson away from Brink last week when things were working and forced him to try force the ball down the field which wasn't working, the ol "lets stop using our RB success to get our QB in rhythm" garbage. The extra touches for Simpson also helped the Oline get into a rhythm tonite too.

Off topic - WATSON!! what a beast. Elliott or Brink at the controls makes no difference, he makes tough catches and fights for those YACs. Poblah invisible again though. Can only think of them going to him one time all game. Time for him to show up at some point besides training camp.

People are too hard on poblah, fact is he's pretty much a rookie and with edwards, mathews, denmark,watson and even simpson, poblah is the 6th option really, do you expect everyone to get the ball? cuz tonight they pretty much did, poblah in reality is the 5th option at receiver, 6th if you include simpson. Dont know what people expect really. calling poblah out is as silly as some people calling etienne or pencer busts, the dudes pretty much a rookie and the 5th or 6th receiving option, on pace for about 600 yards even, not too shabby for your 5th or 6th option.

I think Elliott could have done even better early if not for the harebrained playcalling. Draw play on 2nd and 20? Empty set when you're backed up in your own zone on first down and a quick out that could have gone for a pick-six? Then another idiotic draw play on second and 10? I don't know what LaPo and Crowton were thinking in the first half. Thankfully, they adjusted in the second half and Elliott did fine.

Saw that too. The whole game the plays were really slow in coming to him and it put added pressure and reduced his huddle time...The play calling was also not great at times.

The guy is tough and he's been well taught how to lead. The only thing is it could have easily been a 3 or 4 interception night. Some of the throws are just not done in this league. The play calls and how long it took to get them to him makes me wonder about Crowton.

Happy for you guys and its good for us to having the Bombers for Bringing Frank out :slight_smile:

I just don’t see the toughness or the speed. He needs at least one of these to be successful in the CFl but he is a rookie and talented.

He's basically the 6th option right now, plays that boundary wide out spot that doesn't get a lot of looks. Until teams take away Matthews, Edwards, Watson Denmark and Simpson, he isn't likely to see many balls anyways.

Agree with the Problah comments. there is a lot of talent around him and he will be able to start and ease his way into the league without any pressure for him to be the goto guy anytime soon. Everyone just needs to stay healthy enough to stay in the lineup on a regular basis and the Bombers future is here and now. Elliot #1 and Brink #2 are in sync with the NCAA/CFL offense of Gary Crowton. Elliot and Brink have been contantly seen on the siselines inbetween offensive series talking strategy and working together no matter which one has been the starter.
With Winnipeg now healthy they are as good as anyone in the league and Simpson still playing injured now has a very capable back up in ford who has been around for almost a month now and has also proven that he can be an affective back in the CFL.
Sudenly the O line is not in the spotlight with the offense able to be run fully with all of its weapons and Back ups in place at receiver, RB, and QB.
Pierce will likely finish the season on the 9 game IRleaving room in the cap for O Line improvements Once the NFL final cuts have been made. They will have the money to lure a top lineman to the CFL instead of going to the UFL. Most O LIneman that are between 1-3 years as a pro will still likely to sign on with NFL practice squads but for those bubble guys without PS eligibility with 4-5 yrs of NFL experience have been able to see players like Simpson, Sheets, LT xavier Fulton in sask and Orrin thompson for the esks beging to carve out a career with job stability in the CFL. They can see that the CFL will have all pro facilities in place over the next three seasons and most likely a salary bump up after the new TV deal

while Hamilton's defense is not stellar by any means, freshman Elliott still managed to throw for more yards (406) and highest completion rate (77%) against Hamilton than all other experienced/elite CFL QB's this year.

That alone, should merit approbation.

and unless Elliott implodes terribly the next couple games, Buck will likely be relegated to backup upon his return to the lineup.

To be fair to Brink, I think the whole game plan was different. They were using Simpson and Ham. tried to defend against him and that opened up the throwing game. With Brink the plan seemed to be throw, throw, throw and sometimes use Simpson.

Elliott's a good QB, but the offensive playcalling frankly makes me nervous. Hopefully Crowton doesn't ruin his confidence going forward.

It appears that Crowton will now be establishing the run game with Simpson and let Elliot play off of that in the passing game. I think with Simpson still playing a lil hobbled had Crwoton caught in between but with the emergence of Will ford Crowton and La Police will have more confidence in the running game knowing that they have two very capable CFL running backs.
As for Pierce i can not see any circumstance in which putting him back on the roster this year would be of any value. He seemed to be a cancer with Crowton and the willingness to even try to run the offense where Both Elliot and Brink seem all in with the offence and with the expansion draft coming goltz may be better suited to finish the season as the #3.

Other than when we were backed up in the end zone early on, I was pretty happy with the play calling. Almost 500 yards of offense, ball was spread around very well.