Joey Elliott likely out for the year..

This sucks. NOW I'd agree with those who say we're in trouble if Pierce goes down long-term.

I really liked Elliott and this was going to be a big year for him. He did well in relief. He's a leader, confident, tough, and talented.. has everything it takes to be great. Now this takes away a big year of development in which he was likely going to get a few starts and a fair bit of relief time as well. I thought we were finally going to develop our own quality starting QB.. now, who knows.

Have to say I'm very impressed that he came back into the game with a torn ACL and drove us for a possible game-winning FG attempt.

...Tough break for the kid...I guess Brink will have to be the go to guy behind Buck IF we don't bring in another vet. ..Let's see who's available.....Leak....How about this kid Trafalis...I know he's in the ufl but they seem to allow players an easy exit if it's to another league and an advancement..Guess we'll have to wait and see :roll:..We sure have bad qb. luck as far as injuries are concerned...I think we're snake-bit :thdn:

Not surprising given the type of hit that caused the injury. Tough break. One man's tough break is another man's opportunity though. Will Brink run with it when he gets a chance? The new guy on the PR in Summers?

Forget Tafralis for now. He's signed in the UFL and he's not coming here unless they release him and their training camp isn't for a while yet.

Glad to see no ones started the "see i told u we never should've traded Jyles" response. The guy's not playing for the argos either and is on the 9 game IR. He would've been just as useless here if he wasn't traded.

.....You're right wolverine.....We don't need Jyles sitting on our ir....We need all the room we can muster :lol: ...Seriously though....Jyles was NOT the answer here and besides Buck is still our no 1 guy..we'll be fine...I see us chasing the Als. I know the cats won today and convincingly but i think the oppostion was not exactly playing fire-brand football...unless the fire is like in 'firing' ...Those rider fans are going to be hostile today and looking for blood...But that's another story :lol:

I kinda like Summers and maybe Brink will take advantage of this opportunity if he gets a chance to play, but I still wouldn't mind bringing in someone like Leak just in case.

I definitely think we're good enough to finish #2 as long as we get somewhat decent QB play.. would be more confident having Leak around or someone like that than having no choice but to rely on Summers/Brink/other QB with no CFL experience

The Argos finished last year 9-9 and won their first round playoff game with a good D and a less than stellar offense. Our defense is really good. On offense our receiving group is better that TOs was last year, despite TJH's struggles which, even if we got similar quality quarterbacking as a 2010 Lemon the quality of passcatchers puts us futher ahead. Reid for Boyd - I wouldn't give either a huge advantage over the other, its about even for me. The Olines in 2010 performed about the same. Am I saying that we'll go 9-9? No, I'm just saying even if we don't get stellar QB play we can still be competitive and win our share of games and get into the playoffs, where anything can happen.

All we have to do is stay ahead of Hamilton and Toronto, and we host a playoff game! Big game next week, I hope Buck is ready. Anyone know if Carr should play?

This is my thinking too, which is why I suggested maybe taking a look at Leak. I'd just feel more comfortable in having "good enough" QB play with Leak around instead of purely relying on Brink or Summers.

Of course, if Pierce is healthy all year, it doesn't really matter.

...I think Carr should be ready LetsGo...but i don't know if they'll insert him into the line-up just yet....I'm willing to give Harris another game to get back on track ....IF not....enter Carr....

...Goltz has arrived in town and should be slotted in as no 3 behind Brink...I was not unimpressed with Brink last time he threw in preseason but he was clearly a bit behind Joe E...At least we have a guy who knows our playbook inside and out, should he have to come in..Goltz also has a good handle on things...I just hope Buck can shake this quad. nic off and everything should be good... :wink:

That is bad news. I hope Elliott's surgery goes well and he has a successful rehab.

Printers anybody? Bishop isn`t available, but could be in as soon as a few weeks. Perhaps Picket?

no way to Printers.. don't see why they'd take Pickett, who's already 31, over someone like Leak, who's 26 and arguably better. Zabransky maybe, but he apparently wanted to start, which he won't do with Buck healthy. Bishop has experience but that doesn't mean he's any good, may as well let Brink play and develop if that's the calibre of QB play you want.

They've already brought in Goltz anyway, so it looks like they're content to stick with what they have and if something happens to Buck, maybe they bring someone in then, maybe they let Brink or Goltz get some reps and hope one of them plays well enough to keep them in games with the defense as good as it is.

I'm fine with just having Goltz back and going with Pierce-Brink-Goltz-Summers. Regarding Buck, I'll worry about the "what ifs" when then actually happen.

Zabransky's stat lines from last year
ZABRANSKY, J EDM 104/ 53 51.0% 60 yds 4TD 10 INT 41.7 Passer Rating

The games I saw him play he could move with his feet but not an great passer. He might've gotten thrown to the wolves a bit too soon and the periodic rotation with Ray to get him in games last year was a joke of a decision by the Edm coaching staff and seemed to affect not only Ray's timing but the receivers as well. Seemed a bit arrogant considering he hadn't achieved much, a bit too stuck up in his college achievements I think. Then again, some swagger on the offensive side couldn't hurt. I'm still not sold on him but if Buck goes down and we're down to brink and Goltz, I'd give em a look then.

Michael Bishop may become available sooner than later...reports are that Tate is on the mend. Bishop already has some experience with the Bomber offense. Wouldn`t he make a good addition as backup?

No thank you. His services are not necessary.

BTW, he only played under Lapo's system for a half season in Saskatchewan in 2008. When he was in Winnipeg it was under Kelly.

I liked the Kelly offense,didn`t Bombers manage 7 or 8 wins? Perhaps I am mistaken? LaPolice has to win 6 or 7 more games before anybody can say LaPolice was better than Kelly. For full disclosure I am a CFL fan first and foremost , individual team to me is 2ndary

Seriously, you liked the Kelly offence?????

You are the first person I've heard say that. . .

Like you, I'm a CFL fan first and foremost. . . but I found Kelly's offence dreadful to watch. . . worst CFL games I think I ever saw, from an entertainment aspect, were the games between Winnipeg and Toronto featuring both Kelly's offence and Bart Andrus' offence. Watching paint dry would have been far more entertaining. . . But enough about that, thought we had a moratorium going on about Kelly. Regardless, his win totals, and LaPo's, to this point, are more a product of Winnipeg's defence, which has been really good the past few seasons (and is looking really really good this season, even with the loss of Philip Hunt). Time for the offence to catch up.

The offence sucked. The team won games but it wasn't because of the offence - it was in spite of it.

Talk like that about Kelly can get you labelled a troll in a safe haven really fast which is the quickest way to a banning from this section.

Whether you liked it or not irrelevant, because you said Bishop had experience with Winnipeg's offense. He doesn't. He also sucks. So no, I really doubt he's coming here.

Kelly's offense was a little better designed when he brought in Bishop than it was with LeFors, but it was still horrible. Neither Kelly nor LaPolice won many games with their offensive system.