Joey Elliott > Aaron Rodgers

meanwhile it looks like the esks won in the trade for ray. poor poor pitiful argos.

Labatte is actually anchoring our line quite nicely thank you very much and I wish Hefney and Johnson was it? Thought as nievley as you. If your 5-1 maybe you can write off your lack of success in the offseason but when your 1-5 all fingers will be pointing right back at your GM for not resigning some key players. So don't be so quick to put down the guys who made your team what it was last year because if it wasn't for those guys (which were seeing now) you would have been a basement team for the 3rd year in a row, 2010, 2011, 2012

If you bought a new car for $500 but didn't put any gas in the tank, would it be a terrible deal because the car won't run?

Same situation with Ricky Ray in Toronto. Great move to get him, brutal move to not get an OLine to block for him.

Unlike some fans, I have no problem calling out poor decisions that my team makes.

Not only is Labatte one of the top OLinemen in the league, he's also a NI. Not sure if you grasp the importance of NI talent, but believe me - - having a Canadian who's one of the best at his position is a huge advantage.

Casual football fans don't often recognize the importance of a good DT, so I'm not surprised that you're understating the loss of Donny O. But Edmonton has one of the better defended in the league, and he's an important part of it. More importantly, he's a NI.

Why waste money on a bunch of gimps like the Three Stooges instead if guys like Labatte, Donny O and the others that are no longer there?

You can dismiss my criticism of Joe Mack, but when Winnipeg players are calling out his stupidity you might want to reconsider your Pro-Joe position on things.

You can dismiss my

To be fair, LaBatte was never going to re-sign with Winnipeg. He clearly had his heart set on going closer to home, so you can't really blame the Bombers for not bringing him back. Not bringing back Oramasionwu was a questionable move. He could have been the heir to Doug Brown's throne, but they let him walk. That seemed weird to me at the time. The only other big-name guy they really lost in free agency was Greg Carr and they've more than adequately replaced him with Chris Matthews.

I’m looking forward to seeing Elliot in action if only to either shut the Elliot fan club on this board up, or give them some actual justification for what they were saying earlier in the year.

I think elliot has more potential than brink, but that doesnt mean he is wpgs savior

If Joey doesn't pan out he can always go back to Def Leopard. :stuck_out_tongue:

I only remember Joe from a game when he was tossed into the wolves.
The kid flat out played like a pro, on a hobbled leg that ended his season.
Bombers got a good one.

good DT that isnt starting? casual football fan, for sure cuz casual football fans definitely sign up for websites for sure, casual football fans have season tickets right, casual football fans have a bunch of jerseys and merchandise all over their room,casual football fans win a dinner with the team in october because they just happen to buy a bomber lottery ticket.

Casual football fan? man, you know, its one thing to debate points and talk on here but seriously, you dont know me, how about next argo game you go too u bring a sign that lets me know who you are, you do that, i'll bring one to the bomber game and let u know who i am? is that cool? i guess i'll probably have an easier time finding you tho as its easy to find people when noone is at the game, causal football fan? dude, seriously? says the guy to the other guy on the official cfl website. man, you really do think you know it all. elliotts gonna fall fllat on his face? disaster waiting to happen.. lol, with comments like that, its pretty obvious that you are the casual football fan, like how does a dude in toronto or whatever, how does he think elliott will fall on his face? i mean, casual fans like myself and the other 30000 people who fill our stadium knows what this kid can do, myself and the 1500 casual fans who check out practise during the weeks sees what this guy does. how do you from toronto?

That is all. Couldn't have said it better myself - - "That is all" for the Joey Elliott experiment.

Five starts and Elliott averages 198yds per game.

Five starts and Elliott has one (1) total TD passes.

Take out the game against Hamilton's pathetic defence and it gets even better:

Four starts after the Hamilton game and Elliott averages 146yds per game.

Four starts after the Hamilton game and Elliott has zero (0) total TD passes.

That is all.

You were saying?

Not all of this is on Elliot. His OC is terrible. The protection sucks. The receivers either suck, or just don't care (Brink suffered from that problem last night with balls bouncing off open receivers in the endzone). They got rid of the coach that actually knew something about running an offense.

I don't know if he'll ever amount to anything or not, but he was set up for failure in the last three games.

Winnipegs season has just been a disaster. Brink had to take over in the middle of all of those injuries still coming back and pulls out a win. He is then pulled for Elliot when the team was somewhat back in place and got off to a good start and then the head coach is fired. They certainly have some good players. They do however need a ton of help on the O Line for sure. Now they will be going all the way back to Pierce who has played terrible since the second half of last season and the few games he played this year.
Although at first i thought going back to Pierce was a terrible idea but looking at the situation he will have no excuses now. They have all of their starters back so this will be a chance for Buck Pierce to prove all of those, including me, wrong that he is not a starting QB. The O Line is week but that is what he has to work with so no more excuses. If he does not come through and play like a starting QB it would be a much better judgement of Elliot or Brink to come into training camp next season in a QB competition for the starting job and i think that both Brink and Elliot will play better under those conditions.