Joey Elliott > Aaron Rodgers

That is all.

You spoke (wrote) too soon.

Can Joey Elliott get fined for writing on a message board while he plays?

No... but stupidity is a life sentence!

Joey is Brokeback Pierce and probably a few other "personalities"

Ha! I'm being a bit facetious here, but I really believe the Bombers should give the kid a chance to earn a starting gig.

He did pretty good, for sure. He wasn't facing the same D with all the ejections, huge lead, etc. But he held his own for a 3rd stringer. Might have something there.

Oh I suspect so. . . how about Area 51

the differences between pierce are elliot are ridiculous.. Pierce gets bit by a mosquito, is out of the game. Elliot, last year got injured, he was done for the year, he didnt come out, he went back in im pretty sure and finished the game because i remember being very surprised when they said he was done for the year, i was like umm but he finished the game?

Elliot i agree, will be this teams starter soon, and IMO, the sooner the better. Field General. Dude has the Quarterback "it" factor. Its obvious if you listen to him and see him play, not saying he's gonna be a lulay type but.. i think if any of the "young" qb's have the potential in the cfl right now to maybe be the next great cfl qb, Its elliott.

I agree Killer, I've always thought he shows more potential than does Brink.

Take it for what it's worth though. . . I'm the same guy who predicated great things as CFL QBs for Rocky Butler, Marcus Brady, and Stanley Jackson. . . as Mrs MadJack delights in reminding me. . .

You can't be right all the time MadJack... :wink: :lol:

elliot may indeed be the starter in Winnipeg he was ahead of Brink before his injury last year. Right now however Winnipeg needs to get back on track in every area as the injuries have placed them in total disaray. Everything that can go wrong seems to go wrong. Bad calls did not help last game. some dumb penalties realy hurt and Montreal decided that this was the game the defense would turn it around and they did. A super slow start to the game did not help them either. Bye week if anyone needs it the bombers do. they came into camp ready to feature Garret at RB then boom out for the season. Simpson may be even better but Boom out for the first few games. Buck well you know… maybe going back to the original plan for the season featuring simpson at RB in place of Garrett would set the tone for the game. Wahington in the starting line up has affected his return game a lot. Simpson was also originally planned to be back for Kick Offs which he is great at maybe placing him back there may really help. certainly the absense of Logan an suber have really hurt maybe they will be ready coming outof the buy week. Washington can refocus on just returning.
Still have two more home games if everyone can get back onto the field and healthy then everyone can go back to bashing the O line. LOL

We are going to find out Thursday.

I would like to wish Elliott (and the Bomber faithful) luck next Thursday...

not exactly, but its a start. People cant expect Joey to go out there and light it up. i mean i think these expectations people expect from the qb is a little much. Let's see what he can do, he cant be worse than what brink did his first start of this year.

If people write elliott off after this week, bomber fans specifically, then truly, truly... the fans are the main problem as their expectations are just way way too high.

Brink experience is over, once the Elliot experience is over I think we may see Michael Bishop shortly thereafter, especially after Buck is re injured

I would take elliot over bishop anyday

After 6 weeks and a slew of injuries players are starting to return from the injured list. Brink had to be pressed into action under some very difficult situations but teams break down their season in groups of 6 so holding out and waiting for Elliot may have been tough to understand but was the right thing to due. Brink Himself has been beat up a lot during his playing time. Elliot it 100% healthy and coming off a buy week La Police and his staf are able to see who will be healthy and re tool the Offense and defense accordinly.
Chad Simpson has shown that he will be a top running back in this league. Cory watson is now back to round out a good receiving corp for Elliot. If suber Logan and stewart are able to return healthy to the Bomber D backfield Demond Washington will be able to concentrate on his return duties. the bombers will have a much better line up then they started the season with and with no one seperating themselves from the pack and still with 3 of there next four games being at home they can come out of the Labor day Home and Home with saskatchewan completely in a different position. The O Line will still be the ? but with simpson running elliot 100% and the Offense geared to getting the ball released quickly a lot could change over the next 6 weeks.

Two down and one to go - - if and when Elliott is a disaster, will Bomber fan finally conceed that Joe Mack made a terrible error in judgement to re-sign the Three Stooges and let so much other FA talent walk?

you mean fa's like carr, labatte,oramasionwu? is that a lot?

or do you mean guys they traded like willis who isnt starting.

or do you mean guys like kent who was released and isnt starting.

or do you mean guys like brown who retired?

which is it?

so many FA'S walk?

are you kidding me.

You have some serious issues man, you think you know it all, its bad enough that you think you know so much about the argos and all that but now you are a know it all, all things winnipeg too..

which fa's did he let walk?

we lost oh crap, forgot.. aaron hargreaves also..

so of carr,labatte,hargreaves and oramasionwu... who exactly are you talking about?