Joey Elliot

Interesting...BC signed him hey?

And he doesn’t even finish the year with the Lions

There was always a curiosity factor regarding Joey Elliott but it had more to do with followers of the B.C. Lions than the team itself, because Wally Buono has seen enough.

In a surprise move, the Lions said they will release Elliott on Thursday and will instead hand a plane ticket to Hamilton for the first time in the regular season to Chris Hart, though Buono made it clear the rookie shouldn’t get too comfortable on the active roster.

Elliott, you’ll recall, threw for 2,101 yards last year for Winnipeg and paid his own way to a Lions tryout camp in order to continue his career over a college coaching offer. The quarterback still has huge ties to his Purdue alma mater, serving as an online moderator at a newly-created website,

In the last couple of weeks, Hart has been receiving considerably more work ahead of Elliott at practice, but Buono said it is not the Lions’ intention to accelerate his development. If anything, the move suggests that minimally the Lions will need more depth at the position and to others might prompt discussion that Travis Lulay might need a push with a series of difficult divisional games looming. A lot may have changed in the Lions thinking with what might be considered a minor move.

Wally World always bragging about how they always groom their own QBs that the signing of Joey Elliot never sat well with him or his long time coaching partner but they were most likley not sure if Demarco would be ready to step in with only one year of pro expereince anywhere. Now with a year and a half I guess they think Demarco is ready.
Hart with only a short stint in the Arena league also not ready.
Be interesting to see who they have coming as an NFL free agent