OK ...I am not a Kerry Joseph detractor..IN fact ..I kinda Like the guy, But lets face it, he is very inconsistant, although it did not cost us the game today, Barretts refusal to pull non producing QB's is gonna cost us down the Road..we have 2 Capable QB's (actually 3 when Crandell gets back) why not use them??..
look at Dickenson, he played abysmal and when they sent in Pierce they promptly marched down the field and scored a obviously threw the Rider D off balance and we could have the same effect with Rocky.

Joesph should be our starter for every game, but he needs to be pulled every now and then to settle down and figure out the defenses.
Last time we won a Cup it was the Austin/Burgess show..last year Edm won the Cup with Ray/Mass

Anyway great game today..was a typical CFL nail biter.......NFL eat your heart out

Very true. I'm not sure why Kerry is so average all the time. Maybe he'll always be that guy considering what he did in Ottawa was pretty much the same.

We need a Buck Pierce type guy in Sask one of these years. Maybe Rocky's that guy...but we'll never know unless he plays.

to me, i think kerry had a pretty good game, the only thing i really saw alot was his inability to see open receivers, he just sticks to one guy too much, like what i'm trying to say is he locks on to the guy who is supposed to get the ball instead of searching for open receivers, which can be good sometimes and bad sometimes. But face it, KK makes a HUGE run and then fumbles, and Yo Murphy makes a good catch and then fumbles. These fumbles were when we were on good drives, and that really kills the morale of the team, and face it if those fumbles didn't happen, we coulda had 10 maybe 14 points out of it! But anyway cheers to the team for getting the win!! Especially the defence, we kept the #1 team in the CFL to only 10 points until the 4th quarter ( or was it 13?? i can't remember!) but anyways cheers!! GO RIDERS!

I agree Joseph has trouble after his primary reciever is covered.. the play envolving the inteception (I think ) Dominguez was wide open behind coverage..the KK fumble was unfortunate but Murphys Fumble was a blown call by the refs.. all in all it was a hugh Win and the Riders were the better team and thats all that counts :rockin:

Agreed. This was weird game a lot of weird fumbles and botched calls/plays one of those games you're glad that is over and glad to have won.

Next week against Edmonton should be great. Also counting on Joseph to get back on track and be more protective of the football. Fumbling the ball into the endzone and having your receiver jump on it is no proper way to score points x_x

Well, Maybe Tillman will will find a way to make some moves that will help this team, including looking at a legitimate BonaFide QB!

We have one, he's just broken right now (Crandel)

The Yo Murphy 'Fumble' Was f***in horrible! -Watching at home on TSN- you see the ref right behind ( BC #31 ? ) who caught the ball WITH ONE FOOT OUT OF BOUNDS... now theres only one way i can see that being a legitimate turnover.. and that is if he was FORCED out of bounds and out of the play.. but it didnt look like that was the case, therefore he WILLININGLY steped out of bounds... the ref should've seen that and called it a catch and deadball out of bounds where the bc DB had it.. If im not mistaken that was around the BC 35~ish ??... WITH the wind... theres another 3 at least :wink: well within Luca's range (unless hes trying to punt for a single :lol: ) ...

Regarding the kitwana jones hit... MAN I LOVED IT!!! i dont care if they call it 'unsportsman like'.. i think it was no yard- and fare game...

and what have I been praising since i got on these boards?

FANTUZ!!! - lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Rider fans would run Manning out of town. One loss or bad int and they all turn.

Tillman is a sure bet to find a better QB than Joseph.
I mean look at all the QBs he brought into the league..there's...well....let me think...oh yeah...Joseph.
Only one I can think of.
I think Tillman can do a solid job as GM, but anyone who thinks he is better at finding talent than Roy is crazy.

And I had the pleasure of talking to Kerry the first day he was in town, and I told him then, that Rider fans loved him, but watch out because they will eventually turn on him.
These are the fans that booed Ron Lancaster in the last game he ever played at Taylor Field.
And the fans that also booed Nealon Greene, quickly forgetting that he replaced the stellar Marvin Graves as our starter...or forget the revolving door of QBs that have come and gone for the Riders over the last 30 years. Greats like Tom Rozantz, Joe Pattison, Homer Jordan, Nicky Hall, etc., etc.
The QBing under Danny and Roy has been quite good and by comparison to most of those guys, Kerry Joseph is a tower of strength!
And the only two guys in the league I'd rather have are Ricky Ray or Kevin Glenn, primarily because of their age.

you are so right, Herschel...Joe Montana would have been booed out of town....

What would happen if we actaully got behind our quarterback and didnt start chanting for our back up every time there was a 2 and out or an incompletion or even a fumble. Heck the guys human give him a break. Joseph can be a bonafide qb and probably will be. We have got a heck of a quarterback and a heck of a team and lets get behind them as they take us to the cup.

Dont get me wrong.... I am not calling for Joesphs head ...more so for Barrett to realize that every QB has his bad days in this League..Look at Calvillo hes had 6 of them....Ray in Edm....And Dickenson on Sunday, if Wally pulled Dickenson earlier We might be sitting at 6-7 about now

IF....Might....Maybe.....didn't happen....Riders won.....Joseph played well....stats suggest that as much as the win.

Of course Barret realizes QBs have bad days.
So do teams. Do you expect them to start yanking veteran lineman out of the game in the first quarter if they miss a block?
Coaches--all coaches--generally do not yank a QB because he isn't playing as well as he can. Often it is a team not playing well anyway, and the QB just takes the fall.
But you can likely count on one hand the times this year any coach in the CFL has yanked the number one guy if the game is in doubt.
And watch the NFL this year and you will see the same thing. If there is a definate number one, coaches just do not take them out in a close game.
So it isn't just Danny, it's everybody.
And the main reason is because if the guy is number one, it is for a reason. The coach thinks he is better than the other guy.
And if he is better, then he gives you your best chance to win. Period.
How in the world do you think guys like Ron Lancaster, or John Elway became legends?
If their coaches had pulled them everytime they started slow, or had a bad first half, no one would even remember them today.
But because the coach allowed them to play, to make mistakes and to eventually come around, guys like that are reknowned for their comeback victories.
Fans were chanting Rocky's name and it was pathetic.
Had Barret folded to that nonsense, and put Rocky in, we don't get two late game winning touchdowns from Joseph, and likely lose the game.
Frankly, Buono was nuts to yank Dickenson with 5 minutes left.
He did that the other way earlier this year and yanked Buck, to put in Dickenson. Guess what?
They lost both games!

'Nuff said.

Well I don't have anything against Joseph. Just that he's the same type of player as Greene and the fans are starting to realize it.

I disagree Unreal. I think that KJ is a better QB overall. I love Nealon Greene, i still do even though he hasnt exactly been lighting it up in Montreal… Bottom line is that KJ can be a very good QB. I mean the dude had 4ooo yards passing and 1ooo yards rushing last year - and he had a horrible O Line…

No, what the "fans" are realizing is that many of them don't know anything.
I predicted they would turn on KJ before he even suited up, and they have.
Now they want Rocky Butler.
I thought Rocky did a pretty decent job in his efforts this year, but a reality check says that if , Nealon Greene had put up those numbers, people would have booed him off the field.
Less than 200 yards passing, and he is a god....
No one seems to want to recognize that Hamilton isn't very good and they played below even their pathetic capabilities in those two games.
BC has one of the best defences in the game this year, and likely, had Butler played, would have left the fans chanting "Durant, Durant...."

Rider fans are great a point...but they turn on a dime when it comes to supporting players, particularly the QB.
In that regard, they aren't likely any better, or worse, than other fans....

You are entitled to your opinion as I am mine..

You say coaches rarely pull QB's that may be true..but Barrett NEVER does it..How many years did we wallow with Greene's mistakes....Guess what.. he never got better

Other coaches may not do it, but ask yourself WHY?? because they dont have a choice...which was exactly my point, we have (3)...
those coaches that dont have the same luxury as Sask or BC or Edm last year.. who they going to throw in for Cavillo? Ray? Glenn? Mass? Allen?... all there replacements have been abysmal failures

Wally has done it consistently for the past 2-3 years and had Dickenson, Printers & Pierce (3) Starting QB's on anyones team.

QB Legends ehh? I would rather have a QB that got pulled everynow & then and won 2 greycups in 3 years than a QB that won(1)in seventeen and never got pulled.

Look at the Hall of Famers that had great stats and no SuperBowl rings (Moon - Marino)

Anyway... there are Pros & Cons for both sides, anytime your team has more options available the better there chances of winning and with a two QB system that has always been my preference.

It is simple, really.

If Dickenson never gets hurt in the last 3 seasons, you likely wouldn't know who Casey Printers or Buck Pierce are.
By the logic you just gave, Danny has actually played Kevin Glenn, Henry Burris, Rocky Butler, and Marcus Crandel--all in relief of Nealon. Yet Danny never changes his QB?
Injuries are different than "pulling" a QB.
Deciding that the guy you thought was best, is not as good as the new guy, is different than "pulling" a QB.
The fact is, Rocky Butler and Marcus Crandel are not as good as Kerry Joseph.
Therefore by playing them, you reduce your chance of winning.
And every coach out there likes to play his best players so he can win.

Told you it was simple....

Ahh yes simple... OF course they had the opportunity to play because of Injuries and once they proved themselves they got inserted into the game or started the next because they were a viable alternative - Printers, Pierce, Butler, Mass...

You seemed to be confused about pulling a QB in game and naming another as a starter... which Danny has done the later ..I am not disputing that....I stated that Joesph should always be the starter in every game...

A simple comprehension of what I said should be simple enough for you.

I beg to differ. Crandel is a proven QB in this league, Im not saying he is better than joseph.. Just different.

I like Joseps legs over Crandels. I'll take Crandels arm / ability to not 'lock' on one receiver. If they were both healthy and i was at the reins as the rider headcoach.. I'd use them like Buono uses dickenson / pierce; as a right left combination.