Joesph to Toronto


In a year's time, I hope we will all look back to see how this SUPPOSED deal works out, and then make a judgment on the results. Remember a year ago with the moves made, how were we reacting? Look what happened...a Grey Cup! Let's wait to react, pro or con!

We have lost a heck of alot more this year then we did last year and we haven't signed anyone. Isn't the point of this time of year to make your team better not trade away your all star defensive end, MOP of the league, and let the anchor of your defense in Reggie Hunt go? A good GM will rebuild and you wont even know he is doing it. The gears will run smoothly during this time.

Joseph and a 3rd round in 2010 to Toronto.

D-line Ronald Flemmons O-lineman Glenn January & a 1st round pick in 2008 a second round pick in 2010 To Saskatchewan.

without a starting lvl Qb to tandem with KJ this is a horrible move for the riders. I know they most likely had no choice if KJ demanded a trade but still - ........

Good luck having a good seaon without a QB. Stupid Tillman. It dosen't make any sense!

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my thoughts EXACTLY.

another moment in sports history where the team back-stabs its star ( raptors stabbing vince. the habs stabbing st.patrick )

Well, no one from the Riders stabbed anyone....KJ wanted more money, and the Riders couldn't pay it without big sacrifices in terms of other players. No one was gonna move KJ if he was happy playing for $250K. He wasn't.

Alot depends on who they bring in as a QB, or if Crandell steps up and plays well.

As for the players they got, January is a stud O-lineman...Flemons, don't know much about him.

It sucks to lose your starting QB, but you also can't have a guy at that position who's not happy, or holds out, or demands a trade...

I'm not an optimist in general. But the more I think about this trade, the less I care. Without Kent Awesome, Kerry Joesph is Michael Bishop at best. I'm happy we never got any of Toronto's QB's. And thank god that we never got the Toronto Maple Leafs in this trade. They're worth less than Troy Westwood.

Let's hope Ken Miller can have success in either implementing Crandell or developing Durant, Jyles, and Tate. If he's anything like Kent Awesome, we'll survive the regular season and should be fit for a playoff run. At least we don't have Maccocia or Beuillfeilleeleileielielle. Cheers to seeing the tears of Milt Stegall at least one more time.

I like Crandell and think he’ll do fine, i’m sure the Riders will pick up some support for him, i was hoping we’d of gotten a little cash as part of the trade, but most importantly i hope it’s a deal that works out best for KJ

For those who have forgot this...TILLMAN HELPED BRING THE GREY CUP BACK TO SASKATCHEWAN. Maybe we could assume the guy knows what he's doing, unless someone on here has built multiple Grey Cup teams. Do we all know the salaries that Roy signed these players to? You know the salaries Tillman inherited that were signed by a dud GM who chose to ignore the fact a salary cap was on the horizon? Yeah losing Kerry hurts, but look at the playoffs...our MOP didn't exactly win us any of those games and to think that Crandell couldn't have posted close enough results is rediculous. Hunt is replacable. Losing Perry could be the biggest impact, but the reality of a league that has a salary cap is you can't always keep your best players because they cost the most money. Until he fails (defined as bad season, not unpopular moves), Tillman has earned the right to run our GREY CUP WINNING TEAM however he damn well pleases.

This is the one time where I will say we are a "what has he done for us lately?" province.

Benefit of the doubt is only going to go so far if he's sucessful. If we duff it hard this year, we're all going to be looking at quotes from moving companies for him, because none of this crap makes any sense. So as it stands? What has he done for us lately? Systematically torn down the pieces of the puzzle so far. C'mon 2 backup d's and a draft pick? He'd better be ready to announce something blockbuster, because so far I'm wishing Shivers was back in the saddle.

wishing Shivers was back in the saddle.
Yeah all those home playoff games Roy brought us were great weren't they? Wake up. What has he done lately? Dominguez, Davis, Szarka...sound familiar? Take a look at the NFL where the salary cap has been for a few years. Players move end of story. Plus January was hailed as one of the best linemen Toronto had. We lose Jones, we need a replacement. We lose Perry, we need a replacement. You aren't going to be able to keep everyone because the CFL isn't going to allow anyone to grow into our version of the Yankees.

Let's keep it civil and not turn it into a Roy vs Eric. There's enough threads about that.

I cannot even believe this has come back to Shivers.

Let the business folk talk business and then go to the Home opener and start cheering.

Actually, this is one time where an Eric/Roy comparison is worthwhile. Roy let Burris go over big money and kept Nealon. Eric traded KJ over big money and will go with (for now) Crandell. We know how the first decision played out. Now we'll see if hisory repeats itself.

Like the draft pick. Young Canadians are important. January sounds like a real good tackle. Dont know about Flemons. Heard Tillman say this tonight. They only had 1 offer for Joseph. Dont like the trade though. Tillman is brave. Most of us dont like change in Saskatchewan. This is big change. I dont think we got enough back. KJ will help Argos. Now hope Crandall does good. Or Tillman is right about Jyles. If not. It will be a long year for us. And for him.

I find the whole discussion about it being money funny. The riders have resigned the vast majority of their players to contracts over the past year that Tillman was here. I can't believe he couldn't have planned for a fair increase for Joseph. The numbers just don't add up.

Additionally, why would we trade for a lineman like Morely who is reported to have one of the highest lineman salaries in the league. Things aren't adding up.

I suspect this is more of Eric flexing his muscles....if you go public or try to go around me you are gone.

Based on comments made when Butler was traded a year ago, no one would have ever expected this much support for Joseph a year later.

Who cares about opinions last year, we are talking now. In the now, we made a crap deal because 'K-fed' wanted more money. I know I will be giving Kerry the Burris treatment. He is the enemy now. :x