Joesph to Toronto

According to this

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Kerry Joesph could become a Toronto Argonaut. Anyone know if there's any truth to this before we start discussing what Toronto has to offer in return. All I'll say right now is, Michael Bishop....No Thanks!!

While I don't think much of Vanstone's opinion most of the time, he isn't a Marty York type, ie., he isn't prone to printing gossip.

All I can say, is, we had best receive massive compensation if this deal has legs....

It’s a done deal press conferance tomorrow morning.

sportsnet is reporting that in exchange for KJ, the Riders get defensive end Ronald Flemons, offensive tackle Glen January, and a 2009 draft pick.

This trade looked a lot better to me for the Riders when it was rumoured that Bruce and Parker were coming the other way.

Now, I dunno.................can't say as I know much of anything about Flemons and January.

Seems to me you could get better for last year's MOP.

If this is true, I'm far beyond being displeased. I don't think there's anything else that needs to be said.

I think there's another deal in the works for a QB, perhaps Glenn coming back to the Riders? We sure have a lot of OLineman that are starters right now.

lol and i got his jersey for christmas lol!

Hey jm02, don't worry, I have it on ggod authority that Dickenson is the new starting QB. Also, we are presently signing Pinball Clemens and the "Fridge" Perry. I mean, why not? They came in under the cap.

Displeased? Yep, it makes me pretty darn sick is what is does. I'm embarrassed. Joseph makes a good faith move by reducing his salary to 2/3 of everyone else his caliber, he pulls it all off and gets the door for it? Welcome to Saskatchewan! I hate being the armchair GM, but as far as I'm concerned, the Riders represent the province, and now today, the province should be emabarrassed for being the cheap-os we are.

Does nobody else see this as a precursor to something big? We've shed a lot of salary for this upcoming season, I doubt we go into the year with the current personnel.

Another trade or a big signing is coming, if not then I'll be just as upset as the rest of you.

Bend over, Tillman...hope they at least bought you a drink first...

I didn't like Tillman letting Austin out of his contract and now trading Kerry for what? It's not good my friends, not good. I think Mr. Tillman will have to be doing a lot of hiding out in his basement for the rest of the year.

Maybe Tillman made a deal with recently retired Favre to come to Regina for a year.. :lol: :lol: :lol: ,

I'm still trying to get my head around this.

Last year, ET trades a backup QB for a starting WR and a starting Offensive lineman.

This year, he trades a STARTING QB (and the MOP at that) for a BACKUP o-lineman and a BACKUP d-lineman.

This makes sense to someone? Anyone?

I don't wanna jump to conclusions. But I agree completely. This isn't alot for a MOP QB. Is the pick a first rounder? Don't know much about Flemons. And seems to me we have alot of O-lineman who are adequate starters. I thought maybe Johnathan Brown, Adriano Belli, or Arland Bruce (one of in the trade) would maybe be a bit more fair. We'll see tommorrow I guess.

Also, without Kent Austin, how good is Joesph. Who knows. Toronto maybe does.

QB Joey Harrington was cut by the Atlantic Falcons today, but I think he is on the Argos neg list. lol
Poor Ken Miller, he now has 4 back up QB's to choose his starter from. The Riders will be in tough to even make the playoffs now IMO.


We will be fine. Guaranteed. . . . . . . . . . .

Yup there is Eric Tillman for you. Wins a Grey Cup then completely ruins the team. We better not crap the bed this year or Riderville will want his head on a platter. There is no need for something like this.

This will by no means take the sting out of the trade for us fans, but now we need to look at what we got in return. That is that.

Flemons was a backup last year but I suspect he will be auditioning as Fred Perry's replacement.

Glenn January, although an injury replacement for 10 games, the boys in the colour booth called him "the best lineman the Argo's now have" (on a team that has Chad Folk) and "has played very well for the Argos as an injury replacement", and "has helped solidify the line..." (all three, I heard with my own ears) (I am one of those 'rider fans who watches every CFL game on TV and not just the 'rider games)

A first round draft pick is a crap shoot, but it now gives us a high first round pick, to go with a high second round pick for a team whose best starting Canadians are aging (and regressed last year ie. Makowsky, and Schultz)

and it frees up nearly 300 grand for someone else to be signed.

Kerry Joseph, God love him, played his heart out for us, but he is 36 and this year would most likely be his last year for the 'riders if he stayed, so in 2009, it would almost be guaranteed that we would loose him because of something (retirement or free agency).

At least we will get something for someone who would most likely play only one year for us (as well as not being very happy with the team because of the money he wanted would not come his way)

And this my opinion only so please keep the insults to yourselves.... it is good for the league. Toronto now gets a player who may bring some fans out to the sky dome.

There are still some months left till June training camp... more players are on their way to Regina, I am certain. As Thryllin says... "we will be fine"

I hope you are right oxbow, because I for one am getting my pitchfork ready.

The sky is still above us and the ground is still below us... the world is not tumbling down.

I am an optimist about most everything... it gets me invited to lots of parties and everyone I see on the street smiles at me and talks to me (as well as the odd married woman throwing herself at me :wink:)