Joesph back in town

Roughriders just announced Kerry Joesph is back on the team. Not sure if this is going to help at this stage being 4 games have come and gone since Durant went down. Might be just an insurance policy if Tino gets hurt and nothing more but if Tino has another bad outing once again the debate will be on if we should be playing Joesph. Wonder if he is in shape even?

Likely means DD isn't back as stated. Could also mean Doege is going to have sudden turf toe

I wouldn't read too much into it as far as Durant status goes, although I suppose that is a possibility. I think its more as I said an insurance policy if Tino gets hurt and being Doege has shown nothing to indicate he can do anything but hang receivers out to dry and throw picks. To have to put Price in if Tino gets hurt just may not be an option at all right now. Not sure how well he has looked or even if he knows they system well enough to even take a chance on him. One more bad pass to say Dressler or Bagg or Getz and they get creamed and it could spell the end of the season and honestly I think Cortez and Chamblin have seen enough from Doege that they feel that could happen. The guy is a riverboat gambler throwing risky passes in dangerous spots and he doesn't even seem aware hes doing it. That is the scary part.

I wouldn't be surprised if Doesge is cut in the very near future.

This is bound to illicit calls of “desperation.” Guess what…we are on the verge of being desperate. IMHO this is a good move. The fact is there are no experienced QBs available. Tino is “the guy” (unless DD comes back), but after him it is apparent that Doege is simply not ready, and neither can we expect Price to be. Everyone has been beating down on Doege, but let’s face it, he got thrown to the wolves. He can’t even be compared to Tino given the time Tino has under his belt in the organization. If Tino were to get injured our ship (raft) would be sunk!
I truly believe this Rider team had the ability to repeat as GC Champs with DD under center, and I still think they can compete for another championship. But now with DD out, the “headshed” would be letting down the remainder of the team (not to mention the paying fan base) if they didn’t do everything in their ability to give this team at least a chance of competing. Yes desperate, but KJ at least brings some experience, and I would expect (hope) a sense of calm to a huddle.

I like Kerry but I sure hope it doesn't come down to him having to play. Get on your horse Tino and prove to us you are our go to guy!!

I like this move. I don't think Joseph could put together an entire season as a starter, but could put 2-3 games together if he really needed to especially with the team the Riders have. His CFL experience could be just what this team needs to turn the ship around.

I am torn on where to sit on this one.
My first response was this smells of desperation. Oh crap, that's not good.

My second response is: Taman is doing everything he can to make this team better when you loose one of the best QBs in the CFL. If Joseph makes the team better - go for it. At least we won't loose a starting star receiver ie #7 Dressler or Canadian starters ie Getz, Bagg or Foley or gawd knows what The REDBLACKS wanted for smilin' Hank.

Leave Hank in Ottawa. Go for Joseph.

I've landed with my second option and say that this move can't hurt us more than we already are.

It would be really nice to ruin #13 Calvillo's day, by beating the Als' by 13 points, on the 13th of Oct, with the 13th man cheering them on from Rider Nation.

Go Riders.

I'm all for it. I like Kerry, and have been saying we should sign him (not Burris) since the day DD went down. I think we should still stick with Tino as starter, but Tino has shown he is better coming in off the bench than starting. I would rather have a guy like Joseph in there if Tino isn't getting it done, that Doege. And that too is not meant to be a criticism of Doege other than to say he just isn't ready yet.

I look forward to the first game on the 19th with Kerry dressed. Hope they announce his name because he'll get a huge cheer.

Go Riders!

That is exactly what he had done in Edmonton 2 years ago. He looked very good for a couple of games and then he just looked tired. He did play as the short yardage guy in Edmonton last season. Not sure how good a shape he may be in to step in and do that but there are 5 weeks left and the Riders have a bye coming up.
Tino is the starter right now no doubt but there is a severe deficit of any experienced QBs and as stated above he will only be on hand for the last few games. start running short yardage getting in shape and learn the offense and he is there if needed. The Riders have a Grey cup repeating roster a young QB who sat asecond half and then a first half has him looking more comfortable and if he is flat at a crucial time bring in the expereinced relief vet.
Oline and Offensive weapons are endless.
Like Tino’s dad taught him aim big miss small or something like that. get the ball to the variety of playmakers and have them do the rest.

Oddly though I dont see Kerry on the roster anywhere (yet)

He just got into town yesterday afternoon and still had the physical to pass so no it isn't official as of yet.

J'ai lu que Sunseri avait eu une bonne partie contre les Stampeders, aussi, pour l'avenir des Roughriders, il me semble que de poursuivre sa progression en lui donnant du temps de jeu serait une chose sensée dans une vision à long terme.

Mais les Roughriders sont dans une course serrée pour une partie à domicile durant les éliminatoires. Alors ils ne peuvent pas se permettre de se faire distancer non plus. D'autre part, il semble que Doege ne soit pas prêt à assumer des départs.

En combinant tous ces éléments, l'acquisition de Joseph se justifie malgré (ou à cause de) ses 41 ans. Je serais surpris qu'il soit partant lundi, considérant qu'il doit apprendre le livre de jeux, mais il pourrait contribuer si la situation le commande.

En attendant, il sera probablement sur le terrain lundi pour célébrer le retrait du chandail d'un autre quart de sa génération. Les Alouettes n'auront plus de # 13.

Yes Sunseri has done what’s been expected of him considering the unfortunate timing of the Durant injury. However the game in Montreal is another game experience for Tino to learn as the Als D will step up pressure. Joseph will see game time likely against Edmonton next week, that said Sunseri will continue to get/be starter on game day.