...JoeLo done for the rest of season

Torn acl...What a sad way to end a promising year....Came close to losing our qb. and now have lost the qb. on defence...Someones going to have to step-up...That's a big hole to fill... :frowning: ....

That is defintely not good news. .. really too bad, he was playing rather well this season I thought. ..better than last season.

He was having a career year but we shouldn't be surprised, he has been plagued by knee injuries since day 1 here.

We are pretty deep at LB'er though so they should be able to compensate for this.

Deep at linebacker yes, but I don't think any of the imports have been getting many reps at the MLB spot which requires a whole other level of skill getting the defense set up right.

I am glad to see no one has come on and ragged about Lobendahns recurrent knee injuries though. Injuries happen and the guy had rebounded to have a monster year up to this point. That strip of Williams vs the Ticats at the goal line is a pretty good candidate for defensive play of the year. He will be missed, but the loss means its an opportunity for someone else. Hope someone can step up and run with it.

Outside Linebacker Marcellus Bowman could move in to replace Big Joe Lo...?