Joel Figueroa

6 foot 6 320.. Had a good college career at U of Miami playing both gaurd and tackle. I'm really excited to see what this kid can do :cowboy:

Can't be any worse than Marc "Bell boy" Dile... "Let me show you to our QB sir." :roll:

He can probably eat real well for starters.

As a huge Miami Hurricanes fan I have watched him play over his career at Miami and we are getting a solid o-lineman who can play guard of tackle.

I wish we would sign a few more players from "The U" I think a couple of these guys would help us.. A guy like RB Graig Cooper who put up some good numbers in 2009 while spitting time with Javarris James and Damien Berry at Miami. Cooper is like a Chevon Walker with receiver type hands.

A player who would actually really help is WR Roscoe Parrish he is an experienced receiver and excellent return man, he has 4.37 - 4.44 speed and good hands now that he is 30 years old NFL teams are passing on him for the younger guys but he would be a great player to help take over for Chris Williams if he is in fact done playing here. We could get 2-3 solid years out of Roscoe and a few more punt/kick return TDs.

Although I think he will still be in the NFL this season, LB Rocky McIntosh would be an absolute beast at Middle linebacker for us. He was a stud at Miami then was drafted by the Redskins and played 7 seasons there and then last year signed with the Rams where he made 44 tackles 1 sack and 1 Int. at strong side linebacker. He is like a bigger stronger Jamall Johnson.

You can have Jacory Harris...

Roscoe Parrish would be a Rocket Ismail type.
Former high NFL pick who jumped to the CFL.
Would love that move.

Couldn't help but notice Figueroa at the mini camp Joel moves really well for his size, this guy looks like the real deal. :thup: But we'll see.

Just wanted to be the first to Congratulate Joel on making the team AND becoming our Starting Tackle!!

Congrats! Joel! It's All About THE "U" Keep up the good work!