Joe Zuger

I'm glad to see Joe will be added to the Wall of Honour this year.

Joe is a good choice. He was a fine QB, and an amazing punter. This combination meant he could do something almost no one ever does any more.. quick kick. He was great at it; on second and long, he'd sometimes drop back into shotgun formation and quickly punt it, hard and long, over the heads of the retreating DBs. Usually resulted in much improved field position next time we had the ball, which was usually soon, with our defences of that era.

Joe still holds the record for most TD passes in a game, which he did in his very first game as a Ticat QB, in 1962 against Saskatchewan.

After his playing career ended (thanks to a really dirty shot by Argo Jim Corrigal), he later became our General Manager in the Harold Ballard years.

I hope he's well and look forward to seeing him honoured.

I never did think Zuger was that good. Do you remember how he always seemed to have all kinds of time and then he would be tackled in the backfield. I think it was our great defence with Barrow and Henley who carried us to greatness. I also think if Joe played today, he would be a super star. There were some incredible quarterbacks back then. Ottawa had to super quarterbacks named Russ Jackson and Ron Lancaster...

... which I believe is an 'ALL WORLD' pro record - to this very day - some 45 years later.

Joe was a Great Player, a Great Artist, and a Great Person.

His wife was/is terrific as well.

Looking forward to seeing both of them.

Congratulations Joe! ... an Honour that is WELL DESERVED.

Not the flashiest player, but Joe could sure manage a game. The perfect QB for the dominant defenses we had in the sixties. And as stevehvh noted above, he was hands down the best punter of his era. Those long driving spirals were a sight. It took a long time (wish my dad was here to see this), but this is a well deserved honour...

We sure had a fine team when Joe was around. Steel Town was hell for Boatmen.

It's time the team brought back Joe to teach Setta how to kick against the wind. Joe may not have had the strongest leg of any kicker but he sure did have the best technique. With the wind the ball went high straight up and down and let the wind carry it---the way Setta kicks ALL his kicks. Against the wind he sent low spirals spinning through the wind and getting maximum distance. I don't think I have ever seen a smarter kicker. I think Joe could have been selected for his kicking ability alone: the quarterbacking was a pure bonus. Thanks for all the great memories Joe.

Well posted.

Joe Zuger was arguably the best punter for consistency in punting against the wind in the history of the CFL. Probably ranks in the top five for average hangtime as well...

He was an underrated QB who won big games. No sin. LMAO

A richly deserved honour. Congratulations to Joe!

Oski Wee Wee,

8) I was at that game in CNE Stadium when Joe Zugers career was ended by a late hit out of bounds, onto the cinder track, injuring his shoulder !!!! From what I recall, it was not Jim Corrigal that delivered the out of bounds hit on Zuger, it was in fact defensive back Ed Learn that was the culprit on that occasion !!!!! I am certin of that !!!!

You are right on the Zuger quick kick play. There was no one better at it than Joe !!! What really amazes is that that play is never used any more !!!!

I was there too. I don't doubt that Ed Learn was in on it, but I remember Corrigal. The very first issue of the Toronto Sun newspaper, which came out the next day, had as its cover a full page picture of Joe on the ground, and states that Corrigal made the hit. I don't recall if the photo shows Corrigal or just Joe.

Let's agree that they both did it to Joe. Better yet, maybe Joe can tell us at the dinner.

Another Zuger memory....

Joe threw the ball hard when he passed. I remember once he passed to Dave Fleming on first down. Not a long pass, Dave was wide open, the ball hit Dave in the hands hard and he dropped it. Joe was angry at him and talked to him as he came back to the huddle, you could see that. Next play, second down, Joe called the same play. Fleming was open again, and this time Joe fired it so hard he knocked Dave right over. As Fleming got up off the ground, Joe just glared at him. Message delivered, message received!

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Agree totally.
Congratulations Joe!!!!!!


That all time record for the most TD
pass completions in one game is 8.

and he achieved it in HIS FIRST CFL game!

I read about him as I never saw him play, but "Joe Zuger" that's a pretty kick a#% football name.

I believe he also 'spotted' at defensive back on occasion. Anyhow congratulations to a class guy!

Hats off to Joe Zuger....
Although I was a Frank Cosentino fan at the time, you had to admire the talents of Zuger as a quarterback , a defensive back and the best punter in the game.
Congrats, Joe.. you deserve to be on the Wall of Fame.
I was 12 years old at the time that Zuger set that record. I was at that game and I am sure that some of our veteran fans remember that game. If memory serves me correct , it was a Monday night game and no one saw this one coming the 7 TD's ( I think it was seven ). Does anyone remember the score??? something like 62 - 14.....
Helluva game by a consummate pro.... congrats Joe

Joe played back in the day the CFL teams would have one QB as their starter and the back-up would be a QB who could play DB. That's how I remember Joe Zugar coming into the league, as a DB first who could also punt and back-up Cosentino and Faloney.
Might not be a bad idea to go back to that type of system. A lot of college QB's are athletic enough to play another position such as WR or DB while they learn the CFL QB ropes. It would open up the door for a few Canadian QB's again as back-ups IMO.

Im not saying Zuger didnt have a good game now and then, especially his first game but I know I wasnt the only one calling for his head at these games. There were more than 20 thousand other fans doing the same thing in those years. I guess reality changes as time passes. But I guess also that it is one way to bring people to the game the same way it was done for 2 other players a month ago or so.

It is truly a good year when they recognize someone who has is and will be considered one of the all time greats in CFL football to such an honour. I regret just never getting the chance to see him in action in person.

Joe threw 8 TD passes in a little over 3 quarters before Frank Cosentino came in to mop up and threw 2 more. Maybe if Joe had been left in he would have thrown those, and maybe more.
Of the total Ticat 10 TD passes,
Garney Henley - 4
HaL Patterson - 3
Dick Easterley- 2
Tim Reid - 1
Final Score 67 - 21. Unbelievably Sudsy missed 3 converts.