Joe Womack

Didn't know much about this guy, but have heard nothing but great thing's about him recently since he just became a Ticat.I was hoping that Rider nation could fill me in a little bit on the Mack, thanks :thup:

it is tough to see him go. I was hoping he would play more of a role in Regina as a scout or GMA. great snag by the cats

True, but serves us right after we snagged the coach who single-handedly pulled them out of perpetual last place finishes in the CFL. I think we got the better end of the deal!

yup. There simply wasn't any promotion room for him at this time. Our scouting and GM assistants are great...not 100% on the GM, but what can you do. Joe is a superb pick up.

Right about Marshall, his D sucked last year but if he were HC he'd be one of the best for sure.I was pushing for MB to leave and Marshall to be our new HC but you beat us to it.As for Womack it's a brilliant move because Obie's contract is up after this year and he's already expressed his interest in retiring, possibly after this season.Win-Win i'd say.

I have always thought, and expressed, that Womack was the plug that made the Tillman engine run. He was his right hand man, and as far as I could conclude, had all the contacts to the new recruits that Tillman can take reposibility for. I was hoping for him as G.M. when the Tillman era came to an end. Nothing but positive for the Cats IMO.

my thoughts exactly