Joe Womack is in no position to talk

I'm not disputing his statement one way or another but someone in the Rider management is in no position to criticize the Bombers. This is the same team that in the course of only a few seasons:

  1. Had Trevis Smith playing for them
  2. Has a GM with charges of sexual assault on a 16 year old against him
  3. Literally just signed Jason Armstead, who was charged with domestic assault recently (though the charge was apparently later reduced)

Wahhhh. Worry about your own boy's big mouth, and leave Womak to us.

The tears will be all yours come Sunday! :twisted:

I hope not. I'm heartened by the fact that we're due for bad Bish this week.

Bah, Trevis Smith is a lame thing to bring up considering that happened in 2005, nearly 4 years ago with little to none of the same administration in place.

In retrospec to this year Bombers team, the Riders are saints :wink: It tells you a lot about how bad it is if you have to bring something from 4 years ago into the debate.

What does Trevis Smith have to do with anything here? Seriously. Explain that to me. The Riders had no control over his actions - at all.

Again, the Riders have no control over Tillman’s actions, plus he has been found guilty of anything yet. To fire him or w.e would be morally wrong and would make the Riders look worse.

I believe this would be Armstead’s “second chance” unlike Pacman who has had more chances than one can count. Although, I must admit Pacman is a great football player.

From the Leader-Post dated Feb 9, 2009:

2007: The Roughriders release running back Hakim Hill one week after announcing his signing. Hill is released the same day that general manager Eric Tillman learns of the player’s arrest in Scottsdale, Ariz., on suspicion of drunk and disorderly conduct. Hill, who has three impaired-driving convictions, has yet to be charged as a result of the alleged incident on Feb. 24.
[url=] ... story.html[/url]

Hill was arrested but wasn’t charged. Assuming the Riders did their due diligence, they would have known about his previous convictions before signing him. Was it morally wrong to release Hill? Should management be held to the same code of conduct as the players since they are the public face of the Riders too?

Wow we are really grasping for air here now aren't we? Key things, has Armstead or Tillman been previously convicted for anything? Considering Hakim has been previously COVICTED for alcohol related crimes and then went and got arrested for drinking AGAIN, that pretty much makes it alot different. Nevermind the fact that Hakim was told about(and agreed to) conditions about his release if he got in anymore trouble, especially with alcohol involved.

I remember that, actually. Hill was a troubled player, who Tillman actually went down to meet personally, and with his family, prior to signing. It was thought that the kid had made some efforts to deal with his problems. At the time he was signed, it was made clear that he had zero chances - he screwed up, he was done. That was the deal. Shortly after that, he got arrested again, same stuff as his previous problems, so he got released before even stepping on a plane to Regina. There were no surprises.

As far as Trevis Smith goes, if you want to draw a correct analogy, it would be if Trevis Smith was signed by the Riders after that whole mess. Because that's, in effect, what the Bombers were trying to do with both Pacman and Rogers.

He had more than one chance.

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