Joe Whatshisname was cut...Bring him to Hamilton.

It was as inevitable as death and taxes.
Players are being cut from CFL camps, and the cries go up "bring him to Hamilton!"
Usually, the disclaimer is that they may not make our team, but they will provide good competition.

NO, they won't. How can some guy who couldn't last a week on some other team possibly be a threat to p;ayers scouted and recruited by Obie?

Let's for this season leave it up to the people who know best!

But the Eskimos cut Marlborough - "we should bring him to Hamilton"

What about Jason Armstead? I thought he played pretty good last year with Sask, we need a good Returner.

"bring him to Hamilton"

Any chance Wilf will be cut in Elliot Lake? We should bring him to Hamilton,

It all depends on why the player was released, it could be they showed up out of shape or they were cut for salary reasons or they didn't want to be there. I wouldn't dismiss a guy just because he was cut.

Like last year, any team in the league could have plucked Cobb off our practice roster in week one. Teams often make horrible player evaluations all the time in football.

"they showed up out of shape..."
Boy, that sounds like the type of player we want on our team.

"they were cut for salary reasons..."
Yes, but Bob's got lots of money and would be willing to overpay.

Look, I know that sometimes a player doesn't fit with one team's play plan, and MAY suit another team better.But, that's the exception.

What I can't understand is the persistent conviction that if we dig through the slag heap, we will find that gold nugget that others overlooked.

Again, let's trust Obie. He has a proven track record. If there are sleepers out there, he already knows about them.

I think whether a guy was cut or not is irrelevant. Bad decisions are made all the time in sports. Some teams are stocked at a certain position, sometimes its salary reason and others sometimes a player needs a change of scenery. Other times guys were hurt the season before like JL's case. Some just don't fit into the system and others well camp in the CFL is so short sometimes coaches cant properly evaluate players. We have 2 exhibition games and a couple weeks of camp. 2nd game tends to be used for the starters to prep. A quite a few good players slip through the cracks this way. A bad camp or a bad game and there is no time to make up. If we were going to bring other teams cuts most of these guys wouldn't be here as most have been cut from somewhere at some point.

so if you're cut in Elliot Lake, you don't want to be brought to Hamilton? (lol)

Mike. I'm not going to be cut in Elliot Lake. Despite my advanced years, I have not yet reached my "Best Before"date.

However, if there were a better offer on the table, who knows?
That puts us back to discussing player moves, a much more interesting topic.

Mark and I have both spent one session in Hamilton. Pleasant as it was, now is not the time for a repeat.

Lol, i didnt say thing about signing anyone who is out of shape and if a player is released because of salary reasons means the team is over the cap and needs to reduce salaries by cutting a vet and replacing him with a rookie.

All I know is Malbrough is a quality player and always has been, he was cut for whatever reason and I see no reason why Obie would not look into possibly adding him.

If a guy is cut because of his salary his new team can sign him for any amount.
We would not have to overspend Bob's dough.
That is probably how we got Shanon James.
For that reason I thought KK would catch on elsewhere. I am sure the Cats would not mind even having KK with a reasonable salary, but his salary was bloated compared to his production.
He could sign for the minimum elsewhere.

He has signed with Las Vegas of the UFL.

No thanks. He has legal issues that we don't need to deal with. I'd rather see if we have someone who can do the job on our roster right now. O'Billovich knows this is a concern and has definitely brought in guys to compete for the job.

Wilf, Whatshisname would be awfully expensive to put on a jersey. They charge by the letter.

Slightly off topic but my favorite sports player's name of all time was Larry Goodenough. He was never an elite player and I have always imagined that he made the team through the following exchange.

GM - Do you have the final roster in mind?

Coach - Pretty much... just a few end of the list players to add to fill out the team.

Player skates by in practice jersey.

GM - What about that guy?

Coach - Goodenough?

GM - If you say so. Put him on the team then.

I know a few cheerleaders they should bring to Hamilton :wink:

Banshee says..."Whatshisname would be expensive to put on a jersey...

But, think of the fun that the critics in here would have.
Glen Suitor announces, "Whatshisname makes a great tackle..."
And the critics go wild! "See! Suitor doesn't even know the players' names."

We could have a new version of the old Abbott and Costello routine, 'Who's on first?"

Good point, but it would probably be Rod Black not knowing the names. He's not the sharpest tool in the shed.

"Whatshisname makes a great tackle..."
"who blocked"
"i don't know"
"he's the QB"
"no he blocked that play"
"that's our running back"

"Whatshisname" on a jersey would run from elbow to elbow! :lol: :lol:

I figure it this way....

If they can have a jersey for Barranechea, surely they can find room for just one more letter to accommodate Whatshisname!

We can't have a whole team of Cobbs, Vans, Hages Hoods, Manns, etc,