Joe Thiessmans son..convicted cocaine dealer

I have asked you moralists, who demonize Ricky Williams for his pot smoking,

how you would feel if your son
fell into pot smoking in his youth
and what would you say about Ricky then

without receiving any answers yet.

You probably won't answer me on this either,

so may I assume that you would freak out
like Joe Theisman has against Ricky

even if one of your sons had done
what Joe Theisman's son has done.

If so, my sympathies are with your sons.

Even the Argo owner, David Cynamon,
bristles at the thought of Joe's son
hearing his dad rail against "drug addicts."

Read "Joe Irks Argo Owner"..Toronto Sun

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"It's really a delicate subject for him to attack someone if he has that in his own family," Cynamon told the Toronto Sun last night.

Theismann's son, Joe, pled guilty in 2002 to dealing cocaine and possession drug paraphernalia. In 2003, he was sentenced to a 10-year suspended prison term and placed on probation for five years and ordered to pay $2,500.

"If I was his son and he's calling this guy (Williams) a drug addict and he should quit (football) and he's a loser, I'd be shattered," Cynamon added. "This thing is really bothersome."

haha...i just posted this in the original joe thread....but i guess it needs to be said in its own thread so everyone sees the scum that is joe.


selling and using COKE is allot more series than smoking POT.

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Joe Theismann is a loud and blatant hypocrite who, like all pro football players of the 1970s, played on dope-smoking, party-happy, amphetamine-chomping teams.

That is just some of the conversation that has emerged in the wake of the signing of Ricky Williams. It seems everyone has a view of Ricky and the Argonauts, everyone has an opinion.

Theismann being Theismann, his radio criticism and disassociation of his former team and its newest running back became a story almost everywhere; it has taken on a life of its own. Virtually every sports radio station and network in North America has made reference to it. Almost every newspaper on both sides of the border has found room for the remarks.

If the signing of Williams by itself was a lightning rod for controversy, the Theismann comments have served only to inflame the process. Everyone now has chosen a side – muddied or otherwise – about what the Argos have done and what their former quarterback has said.

“Joe was a phoney back then and he’s a phoney now,” said Mike Blum, who spent 12 seasons as a linebacker in the Canadian Football League and played with Theismann in Toronto.

"Nobody really wanted him around, you know. Nobody, except a few of us, could stand the guy. Tricky (Dick Thornton) liked him. He had his locker beside him. I used to play gin with him. But that was about it.

“But for him to stand up now and be all moral about (the Ricky Williams signing) is so typical Joe. He can’t help himself. It’s all bull----.”

A former teammate, who asked not to be identified said: “Are you telling me he didn’t play on teams with guys smoking pot? What was he, blind? I can’t honestly say I ever saw Joe smoking but he certainly knew guys who were doing it.”

Blum also said it’s hard for Theismann to be high and mighty about Williams’ past drug use when Argos players at the time were "given amphetamines without prescriptions, like they were candy …

"Those were different times. They were right there for anybody to take, no big deal at the time. Some people took them, some didn’t. It’s just the way it was.

“But you can’t sit there and throw stones at people now and turn your back on what might have happened on the teams you played on.” Or worse yet, what has happened in your life.


As Argos co-owner David Cynamon made rather cryptic reference to yesterday, how does Theismann, father of a son of the same name who was convicted of dealing cocaine and possessing drug paraphernalia just three years ago, take on the Argos is so scornful a manner?

If anything, the Williams signing has now taken on a life of its own. The pre-season game tonight seems almost circumstantial to the circus that has erupted around it. The Williams signing – intentionally or not – is reminiscent of another Argos era, when publicity stunts by Leo Cahill were staged all the time. Only this is no stunt and the only staging was fear of public outrage.

“We really did stage a lot of things back then,” Cahill said yesterday, 35 years after signing Theismann to play in Toronto. "Blackie Johnston (assistant coach) would come in in the morning and say ‘Coach, do we have a crisis today?’

"And I’d say, ‘No, but we’re going to create one.’ "

Cahill, for the record, isn’t about to cast aspersions upon anybody’s place on any football team. In his mind, football is not, and never has been, a sport for the faint of heart. “At times, I think I had everybody on the football team but Jack the Ripper,” he said jokingly.

Ricky Williams is no Jack the Ripper, but everyone wants to talk about him. In Calgary, Tom Higgins has called his signing “a black eye for the league.” In Vancouver, Wally Buono believes the CFL is now “open to ridicule.” Hamilton people have already gone on record objecting and the same Montreal management team that welcomed Lawrence Phillips to Canada – and apparently made an attempt to put Williams on its own negotiation list – now finds fault with the Argos.

All of this, of course, makes the stage that much greater. The noise that much louder.

The original idea of signing Ricky Williams has morphed into something larger than anyone anticipated: The evil Argos, hated by all, are once again the talk of the nation.'s to your broadcasting career. Break a leg.

what were theisman's numbers and win/loss % when he was there? after he left he spent the next 5 years doing nothing in washington other than fighting will george allen and billy kilmer.

Throught the magic of the internet and the search engine "Google" I found out that

Joe Theismann played 3 years in Toronto, completing 382 out of 674 passes
for 6,093 yards and 30 touchdowns with 34 interceptions.

As a rookie, he quarterbacked them into the 1971 Grey Cup,
losing 14-11 to the Calgary Stampeders.

People can disagree with Joe's comments but to erase the A on the Jumbotron was a classless act by the Argo organization. I really thought that team was above that sort of thing, but I guess im sadly mistaken. For the record, I thought Joe's comments were out of line, but the Argo brass just sank to his level by that display. The remarks by Joe and the actions of Argo officials to sanction the Jumborton fiasco is a black eye for the organization. Cmon guys, show that you are above the cheap theatrics that you displayed on Friday.

I really think that is for ARGOS fans to decide. :thup:

It got a huge positive response from the large ARGO crowd. :thup:

JOE's BONE HEAD statments were heard and seen ALL over N.A.

The only people who saw what the ARGOS did was the people at the ROGERS CENTER and as reported in some news papers.

It was very funny. Lighten up.

great article. :thup:

I disagree, it was petty, something I would not expect from the Argo organization. I did have respect for the team, but no more. The Argos need to use better discretion than using the Jumbotron as a propoganda tool.

And it was on TV, Sportsnet I think...

I thought it was pretty funny :thup:

Ya they should stick to using the jumbo-tron for trying to influence the officials. :wink:

Maybe when the Argos come to Sask this year maybe we should put up a pic of Williams and then put a joint into his mouth and watch him take a couple of tokes... now that would be funny :lol:

speaking of hypocrites...

You know BB, i was kidding in my previous post, but what would Toronto's fans think if they saw that on the screen? Its that sort of thing we dont need in the CFL, wether it be erasing an A off a helmet or doing what i suggested.... use the Jumbotron to show replays or give stats , but to use the way they did was just wrong... you see my point?

I know your point, Thiessman said he didnt want to be associated with the Argos though...

If it was the riders that did this you wouldnt be saying anything, not saying you wouldnt feel the same way but you wouldnt bash the riders organization of it.

No, you are wrong about that, I would not condone any action like that-- it makes the team and the league look bush when stuff like that happens-- I do plenty of bashing of the Rider organization, and I would very strongly express my disappointment at a stupid stunt like that-- wether I cheer for that team or not.

I thought the "helmet erasing" incident was pretty humourous. Especially since it was done after they played the portion of Joe's commentary where he said that he was embarrassed to have worn the "A" because of RW.

Its just like what R&W has cited on the "mod bashing" thread. Don't expect you can get away with making a statement about someone without getting some sort of response in return. The Jumbotron antic was the Argos' response.

I thought it was hilarious. I wish I had been there to see it. Even more I would like to be the sports reporter who interviews Joe and asks him the same question. I mean, what could he say, really?? LOL