Joe Theismann on Grey Cup vs SuperBowl

From ESPN Livenation Chat on Friday, Joe Theismann was asked the following:

Jon (Toronto): Having played in both leagues, why do you think that the Grey Cup is consistently a more entertaining game than the Super Bowl?

Joe Theismann: Because the Canadian game is wide open. Unlimited motion, three downs means more throwing, and the size of the field makes it more difficult for defenses even with 12 men on the field. It was a great place to roam and wander.

Joe Theismann: Little not to all my Canadian friends: Leo Cahill deserves to be in the CFL Hall of Fame. He was the drivin force behind the game through most of the '70s. Thank you, Leo, for giving me a chance to be a part of you club.

I agree with Joe "the throw" Thiesman, Leo should go in the Hall of Fame as a builder. He was and still is an entertaining guy and I'm glad the new Argo owners and President Pelley had the class to get him involved in football again.

It's nice to see how Joe has nothing but great things to say about the CFL. Without our league and his time with the Argos, it quite unlikely that he would have played in the NFL. The very same Joe who on a number of occasions I have heard on radio locally and on TV, saying how Toronto should get a NFL, at the expense of our league. Of course, we know and again just reaffirmed by the Commish, this will never happen.
Thanks alot Joe.

Warren Moon on the Seahawk broadcasts has also made references to his time in the CFL.

I tip my hat to both Joe and Warren for remembering where they got their starts!

I just wish more Canadians knew what guys like Joe, Warren and Doug think. I find that there is still a perception that Canadian football is inferior...They don't know what they're missin...

No High Five, I disagre, they know exactly what they're missing and it bugs the heck out of some of these idiots, they don't have the intellectual fortitude to say what a great game we have and go out and have some fun at CFL games. Too bad for them, losers all the way, and idiots to boot.

What bugs a Canadian NFL-fan-only more than knowing the game in his own backyard is every bit as good, maybe better, than the version played south of the border? Not knowing if he should put his underwear on his head or roll it up tight and stick it in his arse!
Also, thanks Horus for that link!