Joe Theismann in the booth at the Argos/Stamps game

For those of you that missed it or want to see it again, start at the 10 minute mark

[url=] ... clip716800[/url]

Yup, nice to see Joe there and talking about the CFL and his days here. :thup:

very much so Earl.
thanks for posting the link CK

BTW, wouldn't Joe make a great CFL analyst?

Having Dunigan and Theismann on the same panel would be incredible to say the least.

People think Suitor and Walby talk/talked too much. They are mute compared to Joe.

No, no he wouldn't. He was an atrocious colour guy during his time with ESPN and NFL Network.

The guy is a pompous windbag. I'll never forget his idiotic comments about Ricky Williams and Brady Quinn. I already hated the guy as an announcer, but those comments made me dislike him as a human being. He's a guy who thinks he has a monopoly on the truth and I wish he would just go away.

^^^^Blogskee Wee Wee “form letter” reply when discussing and former A**o.

I have to strongly agree there.

Joe might be a lame analyst but he has also spoke highly of the CFL and has fond memories of his playing days here. I've also read articles and interviews with him defending the CFL as a high quality league. Unlike people like Tom Clements and Warren Moon who have spewed out not so favorable words about the CFL.

Have any links to those "spewed out not so favo(u)rable words" by Tommy Clements or Moon? So, how has Joe T. helped the CFL by being a lame analyst? What makes him an expert on the current quality of the league after deserting the A sh%&# after a few years in the early 70's?

^^^^^^^^ Here we go with the effen forum police.
Sorry. I'm not going to waste my time searching for articles I read 4 years ago or something. If you think I'm BSing then go dig 'em up yourself. While your at it grab another beer.

Hmmm, I certainly don't recall anything from Tom Clements or Warren Moon that was negative either but maybe I missed something? :?

I do remember Warren Moon saying the CFL is much tougher on the qb because more is expected with 3 downs and that but that certainly wasn't negative at all. Oh I think there was something about Warren Moon's bust at the Canadian Football HoF not being dipictive of him but that wasn't negative either really.

Warren Moon interview with FOX Sports.

He praises the CFL

This is not forum policing, it's standard internet etiquette.

Asking to back up claims that are made is normal internet practice.

Backing down or refusing to substantiate any claims only hurts one's own credibility.

A polite reply is always nice too.

As usual, well said Captain. :thup:

From my recollection, Tom Clements previously made a disparaging remark about Hamilton, not the CFL itself.
I believe Tom thought he was mistreated by TiCats management. (not fans)

In hindsight, the TiCats did make a grievous error in judgement when they traded Clements to the BB's (for Dieter Brock) where he remained an all-star, won an MOP, and Grey Cup title, while Brock defected to the NFL.

8) You're right regarding Joe Theisman, he has nothing but praise for the CFL !!
  As far as your comments regarding Tom Clements and Warren Moon, you don't have a clue about what you are talking
   about !!!
8) Wrong completely regarding Tom Clements !!
   If you had been a TiCat fan in those days, you would definitely remember it was a small segment of so called TiCat fans
    that threw bricks through Tom Clements front window of his home, to show their displeasure of his job with the Cats !!

     Real Classy bunch, weren't they ??

     It was these so called TiCat fans, that made Clements want out of Hamilton !!!

      TiCat management did Tom and his family  a  giant favour by trading him to Winnipeg, just to get out of Hamilton .

       I knew Tom Clements quite well, and those are the real facts, despite what anyone tells you, to the opposite !!

fine Tipper, I will take your word for it.
I was obviously mistaken. My apologies. There is no need to get upset with me.

And BTW, I was a TiCats fan back in those in those days.
Clements and Baker were icons to me during adolescence.

Reread the guys response. I'm usually quite polite except when some condescending jerk (and there's many on here) enrages me.

Near the end of Warren Moon's NFL career I saw an interview with him in which he stated that he would trade all 5 of his Grey Cup rings for 1 Super Bowl title. That seems to de-value his CFL accomplishments and what he thinks of the league does it not? That allows me to form an opinion about him.

Tom Clements was interviewed a couple of years ago about his role with the Green Bay Packers. When the interviewer asked him about his CFL playing career Tom said he does not have very fond memories and declined to talk about it any further. That response disappointed me since I was a huge fan of Clements. Also in 2008 the Argos pursued him for head coach and Clements said that he isn't the least bit interested and is happy in the NFL as a QB coach. Obviously he is in the big leagues now and the CFL is not good enough for him.

Now how is it that I don't know what I'm talking about? I'm just re-iterating what I saw and read. For what reason would I have to make this Sh*t up. At the time I remember being disheartened by their comments.