Joe Theismann calls ricky "A disgrace to the Game"

Why is Joe trying to harsh his buzz?

This post takes the record for naming the most past and future argos :slight_smile:

Looks like somebodys jelious of not being the (what he thinks) greatest Argo ever to play the game

"Former quarterback Joe Theismann, who began his professional career with the "blue team" and later went on to star in the NFL with the Redskins, said he was "embarrassed right now to be a Toronto A"

SO! Isn't everybody who has every played or cheered for them?

Wow, Joe is pretty upset. There was also an article yesterday from Montreal:

I guess the Argos are just pissing everyone off these days.

I don't know what everyone is so mad about. The Argos have ran a shaddy operation for years.

I can't beleive everybody is taking such a hard stance on the "Ricky Thing"!

BIG the guy smoked pot... :roll:

He has come out and said he will be clean and help the Argo's with the "Right Message"!

Let's hope for his and the sake of the CFL that he does stay clean...My God! The guy has to have 10 test a month untill next year....AND he has already said that he doesn't intend on doing it again!

Good For Him!!!! People make mistakes and move on...He is going to be good for the CFL...AND his playing this year will help every teams gate!

People have done much worse than him and got on with their lives and done well!

Let's just hope he does well and sit back and enjoy his talent! He is one of the best in spite what we know about his past!

Let's give him a little bit of respect and a chance to prove himself before all us "smug self-righteous Canadians"!

Hey...if he is "that" good and we still beat the Argos ...

...ALL THE BETTER! :rockin:

Okay, I agree. But shouldn't you have to pay for your mistakes first by taking responsibility?

And wouldn't that be to serve your suspension in it's entirety?

If I abused a drug policy at work 4 times and got suspended for a year, do you think anyone would hire me for the time being?

IMO, this is B.S. The CFL should honour the NFL's policies.....bottom line.

BTW, now that he's playing I'm as pumped up as anyone else to see him play and I'm as happy for the CFL (to get the media, good or bad, and the tickets sales as a result) as anyone else.

But don't sit here and think Ricky is a victim in all of this. Why should he be able to do whatever he wants?....Because he is an extrodinary talent? None of us could get away with any of this.

AMG...I wasn't directing my comments at you or any particular poster ( just to clarify it).

My point was this....There is no reciprocal agreement on suspensions with the NFL.

The guy has talent.

We don't need to rehash what has alredy been printed in the papers a Hundred Times...But REALLY!!!!...

...The guy admited smoking pot. He said it doesn't interst him any more and lets face facts...the last suspension was not pot ( I don't even know if the others were ).

All I'm saying is that people have done much worse and are given a reprieve and I hope he comes here, does well, and people forget about his "little indescretions".

Unfortunately, the newspapers and some fans will never let it die, but that's life!

Little indescretions?
The guy was fined more than half his first years pay for not attending meetings, not participating in off-season work outs and generally just didn't give a s*** about his team or teammates.
He openly admitted just last september (05) that if he had to be tested that day he would fail.
When he walked out on his teammates in Miami he said he'd never return and that he didnt feel his teammates deserved an apology....that lasted until the Dolphins handed him a bill for 8.6 million. Suddenly he wanted to play real bad and after some reflection he decided his teammates did have a point after all.
Since his last testing his finances have been pissed away to the point where his cureent total worth is a reported $240,000.
As for him agreeing to participate in any drug awareness programs unfortunately he didn't volunteer, it's a stipulation of his contract with Toronto, what kind of man needs to be forced into participating with the test of the team in community programs?

I personally could care less if a man smokes weed or not and could name a handfull of users here that maybe should, but nobody can look at the grief this guys had with almost every coach he's played under and tell me he's any kind of "team player", and that's my reason for not wanting him in a league that used to about the game.
Ricky can run, and no doubt he will but I can't believe for a second that the Argos won't be involved in some of the Ricky drama
that's been a part of his career since day 1.
Ricky's teammates are lucky to have him and if you dont believe me....just ask him.

Ricky's suspended by the NFL for a year and he's not playing in the NFL for a year so
he is honouring his suspension. As for the CFL honouring NFL policies...The Miami Dolphins of the NFL have consented to this.
Therefore you could argue that the NFL isn't honouring their own policies so why should the CFL.
As for Ricky being a victim...well Joe the Throw don't like him and you know that's gotta hurt.

Gee ruff, that sounds like Bertuzzi's "suspension" during the NHL lockout. Hardly a punishment in my books... (for BOTH players involved).

I thought the Argos have always been pissing people off not just lately. Just my opinion though

I agree with you regarding Bertuzzi.But that's a different league,different circumstances.

A suspension is a suspension.

I just listened to Theismann's comments again on Sportsnet. He sounds like a sanctimonious a**. When people start preaching like that it smells.

I'm not thrilled by the League's position on all this, but Theismann's kind of lynch mob mentality bothers me a lot more than Ricky Williams' past indiscretions. Some folks are making it sound like he's an axe murderer.

If forced to take sides I'll line up with Pinball over "Joe the Throw" on this one. That said, I hope we knock number 27 on his butt on a regular basis. I don't figure our boys on defense are shaking in their boots. This looks like a fun challenge. My 2 cents.

If a player gets suspended from the NHL for a year and goes and plays in Europe I don't have a problem with that.An NFL suspension is an NFL suspension, nothing more.

I have no problem with the Argos signing Williams. He is suspended by the NFL, but the CFL isn’t the NFL, and certainly, the wages aren’t the same.

I think it is great that a top NFL player thinks that the CFL is a serious enough league to consider playing here for a year.

It will be interesting to see how well he does against our guys.

I doubt he is going to win league MVP awards, but I am sure he will be a great player. It might silence some of the CFL critics. I support Pinball’s decision.

I think that Theismann's attitude was miserable and that he didn't know all the facts. Instead, he was just reacting and doing so very poorly. He should have been ashamed of himself,

On the other hand, ultimately I agree with him. I believe that the suspension should be honoured.

In our society today we don't believe much in consequences. Quite often we defend the individual who did wrong because WE hope that people would be lenient with us if we blew it rather than maintain standards.

If we disagree with the standards then the mature thing to do is to work toward their repeal while at the same time meeting them in order to fulfill our responsibilities to society.

I wonder if all that energy of ours were put into just living our lives both in love AND under law. Personally- I think it might just be a nice place to live.

P.S. In love I say.... Stomp the dirty Argos to heck!

heres tickys thoughts:

"He's got his opinions, I respect his opinion," Williams said. "Every time he says something, this is what happens: He says a remark about me that's offensive, then when he has to do one of our games he comes and apologizes and says, 'I'm sorry.'

"So, I'm sure next year when he's doing a game he'll come up to me and say, 'I'm sorry,' and it will be the same thing over again. It will probably be next year when I go back to Miami and he's doing a game with ESPN."

Williams said he can't fault Theismann for speaking out.

"I don't have any hard feelings against him," he said. "I understand it's his job to say things so he has to say things."

ricky knows joe is a worm who wouldnt dare say this stuff to rickys face...joe just likes to read his name in the paper.

Uh,...he is.

That's why he's up here.