Joe Smith

give him a call?

Joe Smith, AJ Harris, ANYBODY at this point.Cobb can't seem to get it into his head.He keep's saying he's going to attack the line but game after game he just dances behind the line and takes a loss.It's easy to see why he had such a hard time finding a job in football.

Ill take any big strong back.
Cobb is horrible and cant hit a hole to save his life.

Even Lummer could run better at this point

I said any strong back.
not a china doll...

Joe smith would be a great addition.


and as I've been saying for 3 years we need a fullback like a Julian Radelin.

Joe Smith is not the answer.....he left BC due to attitude....he was benched one game....and went to the beach instead of going to the game...or even watching the game...he said "I am a football player, not a football fan"....doesn't cut it with Wally..

8) Call Kenton Keith, ask him to forgive us for releasing him, and beg him to come back , even at his high salary !! :lol:

Rads was a good one..

What hole?

Got that right

This is as much the 0-lines falt as Cobbs. I will go one furture, it is as much the coaching staff and OB's falt. If there is no hole to run threw were should Cobb go. Most running backs are not capable of running over three hundred pound defensive players. OB better start shopping for some o-line men, they really looked sub par against the great Montreal D.