Joe Smith....

Why not try and pick him up? We have great running backs but they are all small. I think a healthy Couburne and Smith can make a deadly duo.

I don't think we need him.

Cobourne is our go to guy, he fits the Offensive scheme that Trestman has. This team is a pass oriented offense, and smaller guys who can catch and run, are best suited. I believe, Kerry Carter fits really well, and makes a good power runner for this team.

I think you guys may not need him in Montreal, but if that is the case besides Winnipeg, you're the only team who couldn't use him, I know with our current injury situation, if we can afford him, the Riders could cetainly use him, especially seeing as how he's such an amazing player! :rockin:

He has ability no question but he may be too laidback to play pro ball. He wasn't great in his last bit in BC and was more than ordinary in Winnipeg and now according to Kelly he was out worked by a rookie...

I do not think we need Smith. With Cobourne and Whitaker we are more than adequately covered.......and don't forget about Jenkins. Also this Andrew Hawkins dude can prove to be very versatile. While he is listed as a WR my prediction is that he will start in special teams and eventually can be a successful RB or SB. :rockin:

Oops.... :oops: .....I meant Jennings above (Chris).