Joe Smith

As a season ticket holder for the Lions this is what you get from Joe. The obvious...good size can run over tacklers if has a head of steam. The negatives...not quick enough to go outside primarily runs are tackle to tackle. Therfore offense limited to search right search left plays. Not creative. That's why he was replaced with a guy who is 170 pounds. Can catch but not used to much in BC. In my opinion you are getting a slower Sean Millington but an import.

News Flash!! We do have another running back on the team in Fred Reid (young and promising) and having Joe in the backfield gives us a quick back and a power back just like 2001 (Sellers and Roberts). People said Sellers was nothing but a North South runner and no good for the CFL, tell that to every defender he RAN OVER OR BLOCKED for Roberts, we will see a 2 back set again and it WILL work.

Sounds like what we had a BC with Logan but teams in the CFL seem to rarely go with a two back system. I personally pushed for a two back system like you but it fell on deaf ears. People like the ball thrown. All I'm saying is that Joe is limited if you go with an Ace back.

Sure...except that the ratio pretty much prevents a 2 import running back set. Unless you started Reid or Smith as a DI and took one of the Import Receivers off. Even still I can't see how it would be done more than a few plays/game.

And let's be realistic, Joe Smith ain't Mike Sellers

He is for the next few weeks :wink:

ok but we may not have a choice as Edwards and Stegall are still injured and a game time decision, why play an injured player? the labour day game saw Edwards NOT going after the ball like he usually would, why? he doesn't want to be injured AGAIN or for a longer period, so sitting an import reciever shouldn't be a problem ... we do have a GREAT prospect in the Canadian boy Hargreaves and he will get more playing time with the injuries and the state of the team, almost forgot Stoddard as well. AND if it works as Sellers+Roberts did, management will find a way to keep it that way, just like 2001.

Hargreaves is one hell of a receiver. Size, good speed, nice hands and Canadian! Pleasure seeing him in highschool and a few SFU games. Give this kid a shot. We in BC are happy to get Roberts but a little concerned with all the mileage. Is there still gas in the tank? Time will tell.

Well thanks empty set, joltin joe sounds super crappy. We were better off hoping to clone a russian with the husk of an alderman's warmachine.

My god, what a joke we are coming to be. The Roberts trade is starting to set in now. All the best chas.

to start yes roberts still does have the gas. and will go downa s one of the best of all time. to bad he has to sit behind stefan logan.

and yes hargreaves does have good hands, speed, and is canadian but his knowledge of the game sucks.
EX) in a previous home game this season, he was hit wide open with only one defender and derrick armstrong to block. what does he do, he runs to the outside allowing the defeder to move across armstrong and push him out. all he had to do was cut back top the middle and he waltz's into the endzone.

that said with the corps the bombers have i say backup to hargreaves

I must confess, we've been pigeon holed not only by taman's trade, but Buono's checkmate. . . we could have got far more for roberts. Probably the worst trade in Taman's short tenure as gm, even worse than the Khari deal.

even worse then the whole lets cut dorsey idea.

Sounds like both teams needed a shake up. I know with Joe his character was questioned when he was the only player not to show up for the Bob Ackles ceremony a few weeks back at BC Place. When he was replaced by Logan for one away game he was asked what he thought about the game. He responded by saying he did not watch the game and he was at home gardening. Gardening? Hey, what he does in his own time is his business but I find that kind of odd. I guess maybe this was the straw that broke the camels back.

What the gardening sounds more to me, is like Buono hated joltin joe's attitude, and joltin joe responded by telling Buono to stick it in his own eco-system. I kind of like the guy already.

Two of the most depised Bombers in that category are none other than Elfrid Peyton and Daved Benefield. Couldn't stand those guys, so long as Joe's ego isn't that big, Berry will find a place in his heart for him.

Yeah, but we shouldn't have traded roberts anyway, just saying that he's worth more only means (Taman) judging by his own admission would've acquired a dishrag.

Just surreal circusmtances these are. Far worse than Khari, far worse.

^I'd say firing Taman based on paying dearly departed Khari, is the "straw that broke the camels back" far before Roberts (now a Lion). Roberts should still be here, not Taman I'm afraid.


The whole Bomber club has now deginerated to the same level as Ottawa when Lonnie Glieberman was present. The whole team stinks. We even had some trouble with our Cheerleaders earlier this season. The Management, Taman, Bauer, Asper,BODs should be running a circus full of monkeys. There could not be a bigger mess than what we have now with this club. How much worse can it get. Maybe they will sign Taman to an extension. Both Berry and Taman can then tell the fans where to go and laugh all the way to the bank with their fat contracts. That should make some Bomber fans happy. At least there is some hope. We have not heard from Asper as of late blowing his mouth off.

Yeah you are probably right...said it just to tick Wally off. But still as a fan I didn't need to hear it.

Joe is not like a Benefield. As a matter of fact don't know a heck a lot about him. Quiet looks like he might have enjoyed our BC bud...just stayed out of the lime light. Interesting to see how Roberts does in BC with the exception of Rob Murphy, O Line aint that strong.

Interesting thoughts emptyset, I respect that you acknowledge something worth fighting over. I say that not in spite of most people's opinions re; Smith. My reason for that is, Smith's actions are so magnified, it's hard to accept just how over-sensationalized they really are. It becomes an issue of whether the guy has talent, which even Buono knows Smith has.

Take Troy Westwood as an example of Wpg. fans. . . just so it doesn't seem like we're picking on BC or singling out Buono. Berry knew that Westwood is far beyond his prime, yet Westwood crows about his ex-patronage in the tabloid Sun newspaper.

It's pointless.

I hardly blame Joe Smith for doing what he felt was right, it's the medias fault for what the fans are thinking about the guy. As far as Smith is concerned he's just being himself. I see nothing other than that, Buono's ego is far too big to fill Smith's shoes.

Roberts is not going to be the same RB he was. . . with BC.

Hey sanjay. I feel you.

It’s more about seeing what Smith can do. I have a feeling about a guy that just goes to work to do his job, and that’s it. . . he works for his paycheque. That’s the kind of attitude I believe Smith will bring to the table, it’ll force players to think about what they’re doing as well. It’s a good thing to have a mirror telling you - you s_uc_k. Smith has it. It’s rare to find, but we need that on this team. If we make the play-offs, it’ll be because of that.