Joe Smith Video?

It looks like an nfl team will be signing Joe Smith... ... _back.html

I was wondering if anyone had video of him? If so, thanks!

Metro News is a free newspaper
given away in Toronto subways.

Marty is at it again.

You never know, he could be right.

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Lions could see exodus of talent

Running back Joe Smith, is
close to jumping to the NFL,

SOURCES :smiley: :rockin: have told Metro.

the Chicago Bears and the New York Jets,

the SOURCES :smiley: :rockin: said.

Defensive lineman Aaron Hunt
has attracted offers

from Kansas City Chiefs
and the Buffalo Bills

and D-back Korey Banks
has received overtures
from the Minnesota Vikings.


You guys out there know Marty York, don't you?

Former CFL panelist, Head of Sports
for The Globe and Mail newspaper

known for throwing so much,
let's say spagetti on the wall

because he knows that
some is bound to stick.

Unfortunately, the Province newspaper ran the same story. I trust Lowell Ullrich more than Marty York. Sadley if Marty also prdicted it, it may be the first story in 20 years that he has gotten right.

Well, Marty York keeps his perfect record of being wrong intact again. :roll: :roll:

Joe Smith Re-signed. :thup: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

CKNW reported that Hunt and Banks are close to signing Contract extentions. :thup: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Will Marty York ever get one right? :roll: :roll: