So he wont be at the game Friday. Shameful.

Last year, a player on my Grandson's Bantam team broke his ankle. That player showd up to EVERY game complete with crutches to cheer his team mates on.

I know Joe is different, but, I don't get this.....

I see printers and joe smith at a bus stop saying "I don't get it man? I'm a great player Wy'd they cut me man? Got me I just played a great game 4 them everytime! there lucky to have me!" getitgotitgood!

Why the hell would Hamilton want Joe Smith, they have Jesse Lumsden

I don't understand why Joe Smith is being like this. He could have a really good career here, and he's been awesome for us. Logan is good, but he doesn't have Joe Smiths power to get through, I don't get what his deal is.

Something happened, he obviously needs to go I guess, dam tho, I wish he didn't have to. Maybe we can trade for a draft pick, or a position where we need someone. QB isn't one of them tho, JJ will pick it up, he's gotta stop getting so fixed on one spot, I can read him at home sometimes, thats his only draw back, he can fix that tho. I find him very exciting to watch. Buck Pierce can do it in a different form, but he can get it done if JJ can't iron out the interceptions and getting too fixed on a route.

exactly! :slight_smile:

thats why hamilton would never trade for smith and B.C would never trade for pirnters


How much does Joe Smith make a year and what happens to his contract if he is released?

Now Smith is telling the media how pretty his "Garden" is????????????????????????

What the hell is wrong with this man?

Get him the hell off this team

I know exactly what kind of garden Joe's growing...and smoking. Next stop...anywhere but here. I wonder how Wally feels about him missing Ackles night...PS dont let the door hit you on the way out Joey...L8TR!!!!

If we trade for Bishop then what do we do with 3 #1 QB's? Jackson Peirce & Bishop is a big load so maybe Tor might be interested in Pierce & Smith for Bishop & Dorsey or maybe a good non import SB (O. Cétoute 6'4' 215lbs 2nd year with 22 catches for 367 yards last year) while we deal with depth issues in receiving.